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Night Before Christmas Box Tradition

The night before Christmas box tradition is so much fun! Here’s how you make one and why my kids look forward to it every year no matter how old they are.

night before christmas box 5

Have you started the night before Christmas box tradition yet?? I started it when my youngest was about 2 and it’s been a family tradition ever since. This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.  (originally published 12/17, affiliate links present)

Night Before Christmas Box Ideas

Even now that my oldest is almost 17 they still look forward to “the box” each and every year!

I actually love searching for items they will love to put inside. I always include some of the same things each year (but in larger sizes as they grow of course). Let me share our special holiday tradition with you so you can try it in your house.

  • I promise it will be a huge hit and you’ll look forward to it too year after year. Our box looks a little like you see here!

I made it a bit early this year because my kids wanted to share why they love it with all of you. Lucky them because I will now have to make a new one for our actual night before Christmas box to surprise them. 😉

night before christmas box 6

You really can include anything you like inside but you want to keep it pretty consistent with the same type of items. I use variations and different sizes from year to year of course. 

  • Here are my constants and other Christmas eve box ideas you can gather.

Night Before Christmas box Tradition

  1. Pajamas – every child LOVES a new pair of pjs (ok, I do too) and finding a “totally cute” and comfy pair is key. For my “little ones” you see here I love Carter’s pajamas. They’re comfy and offer footed pajamas in larger sizes!
    1. Their favorite are the “footed jammies” they call them.
    2. This year I chose Christmas themed pairs and since they go up to a size 14.
    3. Footed jammies are the best because they have non-skid soles, safety tab keeps the zipper in place, and elastic back heels to keep footies on. 😉
  2. Treat – Ok so I usually include a few little things, enough for all 5 of us to enjoy that night.

Ornament – I choose a new personalized ornament for all of them to share for the year or occasionally find one for each child, depending on what I find. This year I chose one that said “sisters are forever” because I thought that would be special.

I write the year on the back with a permanent marker so we can remember that night before Christmas box moment year after year when we hang them on the tree.

night before christmas box 4
  1. Hot cocoa – I either include packets of ready to make cocoa or a jar of homemade hot chocolate mix to scoop out….a small bag of marshmallows can be included too.

Something to bake – This year I choose a gingerbread house they could all put together on the night before Christmas, but I have also included a box of oooey gooey brownie mix to make together too. We have a bunch of free holiday printables like holiday coloring pages and more to include.

  1. A letter – If you have really little kids you can include a letter from Santa. Or you can write a letter yourself to each one telling them why you’re so proud of them. It’s a good time to reflect and believe me.
    1. They’ll love it!
    2. I love this idea so much.
  2. A personalized Christmas book is fun!
Children's Books With Their Name 2

Don’t forget about adding some family fun in there so everyone can laugh and play games!!

  1. A game Christmas activities for kids are fun. If your kids don’t really play board games they will really get a kick out of this. If you get something age appropriate and play it WITH it will be a blast!
    1. Last year I found a unique game even my older kids would like.
    2. Make sure it is something that even the youngest child in the family can partake in.
  2. A movie – I include a DVD, usually off our Christmas movies list that is holiday themed, to watch that night together. Sometimes it’s a cartoon of sorts.

Other times it’s a classic Christmas movie I remember as a child and want to share it with them. Musicals are our favorite!

Pet owners – Don’t forget your pooch or kitty, include a personalized adorable collar for them too!

night before christmas box

Finding things your children will love is key. Of course each child is different and your night before Christmas box will evolve over the years as they get older, but seriously. Who doesn’t love footed jammies??!!

You really can’t go wrong with these year after year. They offer them at Kohl’s from sizes 2T-14 you can find new styles each year to surprise them!

Night Before Christmas Box

  • Find a box large enough to fit all your items.
  • Pack it all in and wrap it with holiday paper.
  • Put a note on top saying “Do not open until the night before Christmas”, you can use our free printable Christmas labels or make your own tags, or write that on top with their names on it.
  • Leave it under the tree 2 nights before Christmas and let your children find it in the morning.
  • That evening let them open the box up and discover what is inside. Do this several hours before bedtime.

Watch the movie together wearing their new pajamas. Then hang their ornament(s), bake a treat, play your new game together, and read the letter(s)!

night before christmas box
night before christmas box 2

Things we like doing during the month of December you may enjoy too are:

If you have never made a night before Christmas box before I really encourage you to do so.

It’s a fun tradition that all ages enjoy (myself included) and brings your family together before the big day arrives.

What’s something special you do year after year around the holidays that your family loves??

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Laura Amy

Friday 23rd of December 2022

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Thursday 29th of November 2018

I LOVE this idea! I'm so excited! It's my grandson's first Christmas and I think I'll start this tradition with him (and our kids too actually!) Everyone still lives at home, and this is actually like my older boys last Christmas living at home. The timing is perfect! Thank you!

The Typical Mom

Thursday 29th of November 2018

So glad, it will be fun!

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