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Free Printable Holiday Coloring Pages

Free holiday coloring pages for kids are here. Hanukkah, Kwanza, Chinese New Year, St. Lucia, Diwali, Japanese New Year free printables.

Holiday Coloring Pages

Printable holiday coloring pages for kids are fun to do as a group or on rainy days. Whether you’re a parent or a Teacher looking for center activities we have several different religious holidays featured here to choose from. A great way to teach about each one. One of many free holiday printables we offer. (affiliate links present)

Happy Holidays Coloring Pages

We celebrate Christmas at my house BUT have talked about many other different traditions too. One of my best friends from childhood became a rabbi so we’ve talked about and attended a few of her services too. Having an appreciation for others beliefs is important to our family, so I thought these activity sheets would be fun.

Printable Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Here is a great sheet with things on it from the Jewish holiday. You could make this challah recipe and read what is Hanukkah book that is simple enough for kids to understand and learn about it. Recently I just created a bunch of free Hanukkah coloring pages you can download too.

free hanukkah coloring pages

Christmas Coloring Pages

If you want to include pages for St. Nick we have a few to share too like our popular Christmas word search puzzle and reindeer coloring pages.

There are 6 free holiday printables included here. If you want to teach, color and learn about all of them then you just click on the link below. There is a picture of a printer in the very top right corner. Click on that, choose the number of copies you want and then hit print. That will give you all of them.

BUT if you only want say this one you see here you would click the link and then hit file on the top left of your computer screen. Then scroll down to print and it will look like this. Change next to pages to custom instead, then below that choose the page you want. 2 would be this one.

Add the number of copies you want and then hit print below. It will only print in black and white because what would be the point of colored if you’re going to color it yourselves??

free printable coloring pages

Cute Free Coloring Pages

Now here is the link you will need for all of this. You could staple them together and make them into a book of sorts if desired. For older kids you could assign one for them to do as a report and use the page as the cover. Just paste it on the front of a folder with the report inside.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Free Holiday Coloring Pages

  1. Print

    You can print all of the Holidays coloring book pages here if you want them all. You can print as many copies as you’d like, just adjust that after you hit the printer icon on the top right when the link pops up. If you only want to print one particular holidays around the world printables page I show you how above.

  2. Decorate

    Use crayons or colored pencils to color pages as you wish.

Now this can be a fun holiday to learn about! You can get really into this one with all the colors, unique outfits, and you could even make a Chinese New Year puppet with your kids! Looking for other freebies to keep the kiddos busy during the Winter? Here are weather coloring pages you can make into a book for them.

Chinese New Year Printables

There is one in this book but you can find 12 other Chinese New Year coloring pages here as well.

free chinese new year coloring pages

Separately we created six Mardi Gras coloring pages which are fun. An American holiday that is fun to teach and learn about as well. Lots of different colors that kids just love. And then we come to the leprechaun days. St Patricks Day color by number is here for you.

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Lisa Fritz

Friday 15th of December 2023

I see the links for all the different winter holiday coloring sheets, but I can only find the Hanukkah one this page. Help! I love that you provide these, I just can't find them. LOL


Sunday 18th of December 2022

Yes hi my name is tonya Rithcey I need to print pages for me

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