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Free Printable Weather Coloring Pages

Free weather coloring pages for kids in PDF form are here. Weather printables showing sun, rain, tornado, umbrella and clouds. Weather color by number.

Weather Coloring Pages

Weather coloring pages are fun for kids at home, great for number matching and perfect for students in the classroom. From Preschool to Kindergarten children and older just for an activity, print as many color by number free printables as you like and enjoy. (affiliate links present)

Weather Color by Number

Whether you’re looking for a rain, sun, clouds or tornado printable we have them all. You can get all 6 together and make a coloring book out of them or choose just one. I will show you how to do it both ways below so you can choose what you like and enjoy together.

These are great winter activities for kids for sure. They can be used all year round too. Having a rainy day this summer, grab one of these and make some baking soda slime to keep them busy (and out of your hair).

cloud coloring printable

Weather Coloring Pages PDF

Free printables for kids were always important for me to find when I was a teacher. It was a great way to teach children about a subject and then allow them to have fun with it after the lesson was complete. Let’s say it’s the season for bad weather and a disaster struck down South.

You can read this book together stuffed full of facts. Discuss what causes tornados, where they typically occur and what happens once they strike. You can add a writing lesson after that that could be graded and/or just let them color their own picture for younger kids.

Here’s how you print just one particular sheet. Click on the link below and from there you can print them all with the printer icon on the top right. BUT if you just want one click on the link, then on file on the top left of your computer screen. Then switch from pages to custom and choose the page # you want, this is #1 but there are 6 choices.

Coloring Pages Rainy Day

free coloring pages for kids

Rain Coloring Page

Ok so here is the link you’re going to need below. It will open up in a new window and can be printed on mobile, iPad or desktop. It is a bit easier to navigate the latter quite frankly. They are all in black and white because um….you want them to be in order to add your own color.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Weather Color by Number

  1. Print

    If you want to print the whole packet of free coloring pages you can. Just click on the link and press the printer icon on the top right hand corner. In case you just want one or two of these sheets I show you above how to do that.

  2. Color

    Use crayons or colored pencils ideally to decorate so it doesn’t bleed to the back.

Cloud Coloring Page

If you are working with younger children I would suggest that you only give them the colors shown. If you give them an entire box of crayons it may be confusing. As you know there are many variations in Crayola when it comes to green let’s say. OR just give them this limited box with only 12 choices.

Want to reuse these over and over in the classroom? You could laminate these sheets and let kids color with wet erase markers. Wipe clean with baby wipes and use over and over again. Have fun!

Tornado Coloring Pages

rain coloring page

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.