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Unplug and Connect With Your Family

Here are 10 ways to unplug and connect with your family. Great ways to have fun with your kids without electronic devices and really disconnect while you’re together. Here is what we did this summer when we put our phones away and did activities together!

unplug and connect with your familyI’m guilty, I admit it. I am connected to my phone and computer entirely too much. The fact that my job focuses on social media promotions pretty much means I could work 24/7 and there would always be something to do….it was time to unplug! We took the unplug and connect with your family challenge for a week and I am so glad we did, could you? Of course when the kids were at school it was business as usual, but when 3:20 hit we were disconnected from cell phones, computers, the T.V., and all electronic devices. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn for IZEA.  (originally published 5/15)

Are you ready to try this too?

I know you want to but may think it may be challenging. Take it from me who makes a living online that to unplug can connect with your family is SO worth it and easier than you might think!

best way to cut a watermelon

To start we brainstormed and came up with a list of things, many of which are listed below, which we started with on the first week. Then we compiled more on our Summer to do list so we could continue it throughout the year and especially when they had a few months off. It is nice during those times to have a bit of structure if you’re all home so you have time to unplug, time to read, time to go on adventures, and yes a little bit of time online now and then.

Here are ways to plug in to your kids

  1. Played spelling games
  2. Go outside and create nature crafts
  3. Cooked together
  4. Built forts
  5. Danced & sang to music

Dance Party 2 Disney style

  1. Drew pictures
  2. Blew bubbles
  3. Played in the backyard
  4. Talked & laughed
  5. Looked at old photo albums
  6. If it’s summer here’s a long list of free activities
  7.  Simple crafts
  8. Color together
  9. Lots of family game night games

Once you start it is easier to forget about social media, what might be on television, and you begin to focus on activities you can do together. Imagination comes back into play, cardboard boxes become fun again, and when you brainstorm your kids tend to come up with some really creative ideas like coming up with a Kool Aid Paint activity, or the best way to make slime!

What would be on your list for week one when you unplug and connect with your family??

 unplug and connect with your family

Can I tell you how nice it was to pull out a game without background noise, pop some JOLLY TIME Pop Corn (kettle corn is our favorite), and just talk and laugh while we were playing Chinese Checkers?! Now it’s time to challenge you….do you think you could do it? Believe me, it’s easier than you think & you’ll thank me for the suggestion. 😉 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.