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Ways to plug in to your kids

Ways to plug in to your kids no matter how old they are. How to engage and connect with your kids as they grow up, here are a few ideas.

Ways to plug in to your kids no matter how old they are. How to engage and connect with your kids as they grow up, here are a few ideas.

I admit it, we are a plugged in family. Meaning, sometimes my kids are on their devices more than I’d like them to be. I work hard to connect with each one, and create times when all 5 of us are together throughout the week. Let me share a few fun ways to plug in to your kids and create the connection you really want. 😉 Special thanks for sponsoring this so I could do this Enbrighten Cafe Lights review.

  • If you’re a working parent, your kids are in after school sports, and you find it hard to connect and plug in with your kids on a regular basis.. You aren’t alone!

It’s tough being a parent. The vision of eating dinner as a family every single night, sitting on your bed laughing with your teenager without a worry in the world aren’t always what reality brings us. There are ways you can improve that connection. My all time favorite quote!


If you too are working to plug in to your kids there are simple things you can do to create a closer relationship, it’s worked for us! It’s little steps, not a marathon to get there…so be patient. If you feel like you aren’t connecting throughout the week, try incorporating just ONE of these things next week:

  • Read with them – whether you read them a book before bed ( make sure you unplug yourself – put your phone in the other room) or have them read to you for 15 minutes after school, it will create some one on one time together.
  • Play a game – when your kids get older you tend to forget about playing games, but believe me if you say you want to play 1 with them they will be thrilled and give you some time to connect.
sequence board game
  • Do a craft – whether you just color together in a coloring book, or do a holiday craft like this one together…it will give you time to talk and be creative together.
  • Do an activity together – find something you both (or better yet all of you enjoy) like to do and make it a part of your weekly routine….we all love playing ping pong! Even if you only play for 15 min. after school every Tuesday it will give them something to look forward to, and a routine whether you can connect together.
  • Have dinner together – when we got married my husband said that needed to be a priority of ours. I never had that growing up so it wasn’t on my radar as a parent but I will say it has been a HUGE blessing for us. When we fall out of our “dinner together” routine I do feel more disconnected. Start slow, once a week in the beginning and work up from there but believe me it will really help you plug in to your kids!
enbrighten cafe

If you’ve never eaten dinner outside in your backyard you should really try it! It makes the kids excited, and it is a great way to “get away” even though it’s only a few feet from your traditional dinner table. We had a patio table for years but never really thought of eating outside until we got these Enbrighten Cafe Lights!

Now that it’s nice and bright outside we can enjoy the cool night air, let the kids run around when they’re done, and it gives my husband and I some time to reconnect too while we watch them play.

  • The lights are great! The bulbs never have to be replaced, are energy efficient, and are built to last year round. You don’t have to use them outdoors either (would be cute when redoing a bedroom), but have been perfect to light up our gazebo!
enbrighten cafe lights

Remember to head outside sometimes to connect, it’s a great way for everyone to unplug. It’s easier than you think, and the simple installation of Enbrighten Cafe Lights made all the difference for us to spend more time together outside as a family.

I hope we’ve given you a few helpful tips and ways to plug in to your kids that you can try in your home as well. Let us know how it goes and if you have other things that have worked well in your home too. 😉

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kimmy kervel

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

this is the grate idea, thanks for sharing.

Rosa cuevas

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

I sure need this for my backyard. I have a huge backyard but no shade so i feel like its wasted space we cant use. Im a single mom so I have no one to even put a tarp out.

The Typical Mom

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

Smaller EZ Ups are easy to put up and the lights would work on those as well! Would love a bit of a larger yard like you but in Ca. they're hard to come by.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.