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Product reviews done by a seasoned blogger who gives an unbiased product review on food and clothing received.

Why We Love Blackstone 22 Griddle

Blackstone 22 inch griddle review. What we thought of this gas outdoor flat cooktop from Walmart. Why we love it and what recipes you’ll love cooking on it. It’s the summertime and although we make a lot of smoker recipes, my husband also wanted this flat cooktop. I wasn’t convinced it was really needed BUT …

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How to Dehydrate Apples Easily

This is how to dehydrate apples sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. They’re the best healthy snack my whole family loves, especially my kids!  I know, you want to try this too right?? How to dehydrate apples This is what you’ll need to get started: This Cosori dehydrator  The best apple corer  Apple peeler Knife or …

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