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Where to Create Your Own Postage Stamp

This is where to create your own postage stamp for holiday cards or birth announcements! Personalized stamps are such a fun way to add that extra touch.

Create Your Own Postage Stamp 2

Are you ready to send holiday cards, birth announcements, or another fun thing in the mail you want to customize even more??!! Well, I found where to create your own postage stamp last year and it was such a fun touch! In less than 5 minutes I was able to upload our favorite photo of the year and create this personalized stamp to put on our holiday cards this year but I can see so many other occasions it would be wonderful for too! If you’re looking to create your own postage stamp I have a great place to do just this, and there are so many options to make it exactly what you’re looking for! Special thanks goes out to for sponsoring this post and providing us with these products to share with you this season. 😉

Create your own postage stamp

Isn’t this just so cool??!!

You can see last years and this years below, I wouldn’t have it any other way now because I’ve received so many compliments on them. You can create a postage stamp with your photos here too.

Create Your Own Postage Stamp

Of course Minted has great holiday cards you can personalize too. Whether you want Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, or a general style they have tons to choose from! I really enjoy creating our cards each year.

Customized Stamps

We always take the time to take a new family photo each year, use it to make our cards, make some custom photo art projects like me did here last year with this heart print we have over our couch.

I incorporate it into our yearly calendars we give as gifts, and make a canvas print to hang on our walls too! If you have relatives who live far away personalized gifts are just the best, and putting a personal touch on your holiday cards can be so fun.

  • Weddings
  • Baby announcements
  • Baby showers
  • Thank you cards
  • Graduation

Personalized postage stamps

You can create one really easily on and you can upload any photo you want. There are even designs where you can upload more than one photo and you can print a word or date on it too, like we did last year. You can see both designs on this envelope.

I like to use a picture from our biggest road trip of that year (we travel a lot as a family) because it really differentiates it from other cards with standard postage and is an added personalized element to our Christmas cards each year.

  • Last year we did a big trip out to Zion National Park, Grand Canyon and Bryce National Park, this 2016 picture we made into a stamp was a family picture of us after a LONG hike just outside Zion that I thought turned out amazing. This year we took a 15 hour road trip from CA. to ID. and this bridge picture just outside of Boise State University came out so neat!

I could see these custom stamps being a wonderful addition to a baby announcement where you could upload a fun candid picture of your baby and save the professional picture for the announcement itself. Of course you can do it all on Minted online and have them delivered right to your door!

  • They even have foil stamped birth announcements that are gorgeous. You can see how the foil stamped cards look as ours above is that way and really brings and beautiful dramatic touch to any card.

There are a few finishes to choose from depending on the style of your home, and it collapses easily to fit into the box with our ornaments and Christmas decorations which I love! Just slide each card into the holders on the sides and hang it on a nail or use a removable hook from the store.

personalized calendars

Where to Order Personalized Gifts

Ok on to personalized gifts I create each year. Calendars are a MUST according to my aunts and grandmother who live on the other side of the United States and we rarely see unfortunately. I create these which are great because it’s a gift that lasts all year and they can look at a new photo of their great grandchildren/nieces each and every month!

I will say I have ordered them over the years at a few different places and the clarity and design options on Minted are the best by far. They are really pretty and it is easy for me to upload one or more pictures to each month, or create a collage if I want. Also…it’s a personal gift that doesn’t take me long to create but they SO enjoy receiving them each year….it’s a win win really.

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Mary Todd

Friday 15th of February 2019

I would like to create an official postage stamp using our Fallen Hero’s picture, how can I create this stamp and keep it on file so I can reorder at any time? Thank you

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