Muffin Tin Pizza

So I love making things easy, especially at dinner time. It is nice when kids are also interested in eating what I’ve spent time on, & sometimes that means making the ordinary look a bit different (somehow that makes it yummier to them…lol). Our muffin tin pizza recipe is one of our favorites. Here are two meals I’ve creatively turned into “Muffin Tin Dinner Ideas.” The first one is for muffin tin pizza!

muffin tin pizza

All you will need are the ingredients below! Just get the refrigerated pizza dough (any brand), mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce (I use spaghetti sauce in the jar), and any pizza toppings you like!

Muffin tin pizza

muffin tin meals
You will need… other toppings

Use a cutting board and roll out the refrigerated pizza dough, fix holes that are created, so that it is the same thickness across the board. Then use a knife or pizza cutter to create 12 pieces. Then spray your muffin pan with non stick spray and push the squares into each muffin hole so that is is on the bottom as well as the sides. I usually throw that in a preheated oven (use the temp on the dough container) for a few minutes to get the dough a bit cooked, works better that way.

Divide pizza dough into 12 pcs.

1 can typically will make 10 – 12 which is just enough for the 5 of us, so if you have hungry boys or more than 5, use 2 cans. Fill with a bit of sauce, grated cheese & toppings as desired. Cook as directed on tube of pizza dough, watch carefully and remove when cheese is turning brown. Here’s how easy it is.

These are great because you can pick them up easily, and the slight crustiness of the whole outside is great! That is our easy muffin tin pizza recipe!!

Mini muffin tin pizzas

Meatloaf is another thing we like to make in muffin pans. Here is what you do!!

1 lb. ground beef, turkey or chicken


1 pkg. french onion dip mix

1 egg

Worcestershire sauce

Grated carrots

I am sure everyone has their own variation of meatloaf, but if you don’t and/or want to try someone else’s, here is mine (thanks mom). Empty meat (1lbs. feeds the 5 of us with a little leftover), egg, dip mix, about a handful of bread crumbs (use more if mix is too wet), a few splashes of W.sauce, & about 1/2 c. grated carrots. You can also cut up green peppers & add to the mix. You can see it is not an exact measurement, but is meatloaf ever exact anyway?? Fill muffin tin & cook at 350 for maybe 15 min. Quite frankly I start at 10 and check after that, take out when they are golden brown. These are really great because you get that nice crustiness on the outside, cover with ketchup & now you have “Fun Meatloaf!” (it is possible….my kids love it)

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