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Gift Guide for Girls 5 – 10 Years

Here’s the ultimate gift guide for girls 5-10 years old! What girls want for Christmas and their birthdays at that age that’s fun and practical too.

Gift Guide for Girls

I’m the mother of 3 girls. Two are under 10 years old so I asked them what a few of their favorite things were this year so we could create the Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls 5-10. My oldest is almost 17 so I am no stranger to buying gifts for girls (boys I have no clue). We thank the companies who us some gift ideas in order to see if they should make their list this year;) (originally published 11/17, links to retailer sites and affiliate marketing programs present)

Little Girl Gifts Under 10

  • Here are a few things they thought I should include in this list of favorite gift for girls this year. 

My girls are pretty easy going and a lot of times practical gifts they actually love just as much as electronics. I will say you should always try to find the best prices online, as well as inside brick and mortar stores.

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gift guide for girls

There is something about a new backpack under the tree, or some fun socks, a new pair of boots with FRINGE…the list goes on and on.

Gift guide for girls

Let’s start with some horse love since mine are obsessed! Spirit has always been one of my girl’s favorite movies and now there’s a great show on Netflix called Spirit Riding Free! Season 7 starts November 9, 2018 so keep an eye out + here are some fun gifts that came out to celebrate it’s release.

The Spirit Riding Free Walking Horse is SO fun! Great gift is Little Charmers too.

spirit riding free walking horse

Unique Gift for Girls

Why my girls love this toy:

The Playskool show cam is fun for this age, especially if they wanna’ be a VSCO girl!

playmobil spirit house

If your daughter or granddaughter loves horses and doll houses she will love this Playmobil Spirit Riding Free House Playset my daughter put together!

Playmobil House

  • It is easy enough to snap together and put together herself
  • This playset features her favorite animal, horses
  • Spirit is one of her all time favorite movies and this Playmobil house focuses that movie
  • It’s large enough for a variety of pieces, but small enough to move from one room to the other
gift guide for girls

Birthday Gifts for Girls

Do your kids love music? Get them Guitar Center lessons this year!

Now let’s talk about road trip must haves for kids:

  • These light up wireless headphones from MindKoo got a thumbs up from both my 9 & 11 year old this year!
  • They are perfect for road trips and the ears get really bright when it’s dark outside.
  • You can  get a pair here and they come in a variety of colors too.
  • They also have Fire Tablets that are great paired with these because they can get books on it, play music, and search the web. Kindle Freetime for kids is great.
    • Perfect for younger teen girls too.

Let’s talk about kids fashion and what girls love to get under the tree shall we? If your kids love outdoor activities they need comfort and style.

Gifts for Girls age 8

  • These are a few of my daughters’ favorite comfy dresses (WITH pockets) and boots with fringe!! If your girls are little fashionistas like mine but also really like jeans and comfortable clothing, then Fabkids is a great place to shop online and they have great deals too for shoes and matching outfits!
    • They go up to an XL which fits my 11 year old and will then be passed down to her sister. 😉
    • Shoes and boots go up to a size 5 and they have a large variety to choose from at great prices.
  • They love this cat purse that matches their outfits too. You can get personalized jewelry to put inside.  If y’all like mommy and me outfits, grab one of those too!

Talking about fashion, girls love bags and matching is all the rage! Here are a few of the best bags for girls this year.

Gifts for Girls age 10

  • I always buy my girls new backpacks for Christmas and the styles from Bixbee are really cute!!
  • You can get an extra 20% off using code BIXBEE4TYPICALMOM at checkout too on orders of $25 or more (non-sale items).
  • FREE shipping on orders of $25 or more.
  • Backpacks have matching lunchboxes and/or duffle bags like you see here.
  • Cute boys and girls styles to choose from.
  • Bixbee donates a backpack full of supplies to a child in need for every backpack purchased!
  • This little travel pillow is perfect for them to put in their “duffie” for sleepovers too!
Christmas Pajamas for Girls

Fashion doesn’t stop when girls go to bed, these are the best pajamas by girls they say….by far!

Christmas Pajamas for Girls

  • Pajamas are the best gift that girls 5-10 love, and something they said to make sure we included in our gift guide for girls!!
  • Best of all they love jammies with “footies” even when they are tweens, Carter’s has them up to a size 14.
  • You can find them at Kohl’s, perfect addition to your Night Before Christmas Box too!
  • Baking together in your jammies is fun too…they love making a gingerbread house each year. You can wrap that up and make it a present that can later be an activity.

If it’s Christmas time we have some stocking stuffer ideas too!

  1. Nail polish is always a win with a variety of lip balms
  2. Bath bombs are fun for all ages
  3. Order a customized water bottle too!
books for girls

Love monthly subscriptions so your gift can be enjoyed month after month all year long? Here’s a fun book subscription for kids they enjoyed!

BookRoo Book Club

  • Bookroo is a subscription model my girls really enjoy!
  • Choose picture or chapter books and they get “presents” wrapped with new books delivered to them every other month in the mail.
  • It is a fun surprise for them and educational as well.
  • They absolutely love having a reading nook too and their teepee is the best to promote reading at home!
monkey mat

Let’s take it outside! My girls love playing outside but don’t always love the scratchy legs that come from laying on the grass, which is where this playmat comes in!

Gift for 10-12 Year Girl

  • Believe it or not my kids love this Monkey Mat
  • Great for Moms on the go. It folds up easily and has a strap to throw it over your shoulder
  • Best for the beach or to have a picnic
  • Perfect gift for girls who think the grass is “itchy” (like mine) but want to play with dolls outdoors
girl scout easy bake oven

If your daughter loves baking she will love the Easy Bake Oven. Here’s how to make homemade easy bake oven recipes at home too.

Other items that are on their Christmas list this year that girls 5-10 would love:

  1. Top toys for this year like this mini ping pong table
  2. Make your own slime kit is fun for this age for sure
  3. A bike gets them outside which I love
  4. Doll house (yes they still enjoy them) and here are the best Barbie gifts
  5. Orbeez kit plus refill will get them to be creative
  6. Board games is a favorite in our family
  7. Trampoline (ours finally broke but they played with it nonstop for years)

My girls loved this toy block tape too!

toy block tape 2

We love sharing new and fun things in our gift guide for girls. If you’re looking for an ultimate gift guide for moms too we have that.

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