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Guitar Center Lessons Review

If you’re looking for a honest Guitar Center lessons review it’s here. Place for beginners or just additional guitar lessons for you or your child, here is our experience there!

Guitar Center Lessons

If you’re looking for Guitar Center lessons for you or maybe for your child let us tell you about our experience there and how you can find a location near you. Music education is so important for kids really. It provides a sense of confidence & self-esteem, increased social skills, and has been proven to improve academics as well. That’s a big win in the minds of moms everywhere I tell you! Special thanks goes out to Guitar Center for sponsoring this post. (originally published 10/18)

Guitar Center Lessons Review

I was not a very musical child myself, though I wish I had given it more of a chance so I could play an instrument well as an adult.

BUT….I am lucky enough to have children who love playing and my oldest daughter, who is 17, took it upon herself last year to save her money and buy a guitar on her own. This year she is able to get guitar lessons at school but wanted some one on one time so we found Guitar Center lessons to supplement her learning and she’s loved it!

Guitar Center Lessons 2

Guitar Center Review

We just moved to Boise, Idaho and lucky for us there was a location near us where she could visit. Inside there were tons of guitars, accessories, and many friendly people there. We got to her lesson a bit early and we were offered tea or coffee while we waited, and then this kind gentleman asked if my daughter would like him to look at her guitar.

She bought it used from a friend and we never had the opportunity to take it in to get looked at so this was really helpful, and free too!

Guitar Center boise

Where to find guitar lessons

Not only did he look at her instrument but he also explained what each little thing on it was to her, why this was there, and what he was doing to tune it up so it played better than when she brought it in…loved that, it was so cute!

Guess it made sense since Guitar Center is one of the largest independent music educators in the U.S. that they would offer education while you waited but I just didn’t expect it and it was a wonderful treat while we waited for her turn.

It was really fun listening to his years and years of knowledge, and looking at all the different guitars was so interesting too. They have a HUGE selection there. Now it was time for her Guitar Center lessons!

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Guitar lessons near me

My daughter is new to playing guitar so she really needed someone patient. She was paired with someone who was really friendly. Although she receives music education at school she said it was really nice to have one extra lesson.

That way she could ask any questions she wanted, and have the ability to work at her own pace. If she needed to practice a chord or melody over and over again she was able to do just that, “it helped a lot” she said.

Here’s a bit more about Guitar Center and their program, you can find a location near you here so you can experience the same help for yourself or your child too!

Guitar Center Lessons Focus

  • Curriculum – Guitar Center has created custom curriculum focusing on teaching theory through contemporary music.
    • All curriculum programs are approved by the National Association for Music Education, the world’s largest arts education organization.
    • They can also help tailor curriculum to your goals and interests with a database on thousands of songs to learn.
  • Convenience – With over 200 locations nationally, brand-new facilities Guitar Center Lessons is a one-stop shop.
    • From lessons to retail to instrument repairs to supplemental learning materials, Guitar Center can cover any aspiring student’s needs.
    • Their program gives students the ability to continue learning on the go with online resources and the ability to schedule at any location.
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  • Instructors – All Guitar Center Lessons instructors are passionate, playing musicians who want to help you reach YOUR musical goals.
    • Based on your needs and wants they’ll pair you with the instructor that is right for you.
    • They have weekly office hours to help supplement your education
    • Instructors are there to make sure you have everything you need to become the musician you want to be.
  • Contemporary Instrumentation – They offer more than violin.
    • You can take any instrument, anywhere.
    • They make sure you have the musical foundation to achieve any level or expertise on any instrument.
    • They know learning music can be so much more enjoyable when you’re playing what you love.
  • Achievement Program – Guitar Center staff members help students monitor their progress with a 6 tiered program and go from Opening Act to Headliner in as much or as little time as you need.

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