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Playskool Show Cam Review

Here’s a Playskool show cam review by my girls! If you’re looking for a children’s camera that’s easy to use and projects on to the wall this is great. One of the best gifts for girls this holiday season.

playskool camera review

We received Playskool’s new Show Cam in the mail yesterday, and it was much more than we expected it to be! My girls (I have three ages 12,6 & 5) have had durable point and shoot cameras designed for kids before but this one was a whole lot more! Sponsored by Playskool.

Playskool Camera Review

  1. It is a larger sized camera designed for little hands with nice large colorful buttons for them to test out and push.
    1. Each one does something new and fun like create a “Da duummm” sound with curtains opening up to reveal the picture one took, one that turns you into a cartoon character using your face with a variety of bodies that are fun and made us laugh, as well as other fun features.
    2. Instantly after taking pictures (worked best taking pictures outside because of the lighting) you just flip a switch, find a dark room, and the pictures you took appear on the wall or ceiling or even the floor!
    3. With the click of the arrow you can flip through all the photos you took like a sort of modern day slide projector .
    4. It says it stores 1,000 photos, and with kids you know they will snap away at almost anything so this is probably a good feature to have. 😉
    5. You can even hook it up to your computer if you want to save any of the pictures they took. We emailed one to see how it worked and I must say I wouldn’t expect a kid’s camera to have this many features.

Honestly I think the point and shoot I bought a few yrs. ago is behind the times of this one. You can even print the images which is fun for them to then tape their creations to the wall.

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playskool show cam review

Playschool Show Cam Toy Camera

All three of my girls had a blast with this Playskool Show Cam, and surely when we go out for a nature hike/walk they will take this with them to bring the images back and try it out for “movie picture night in the closet” as they called it last night. Good times.

This is a sponsored post. I was provided a show cam by BuzzAgent in exchange for my honest opinion here. As always my opinions are my own. If you’d like to receive more great deals and info. on products such as this one.

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Wednesday 16th of October 2013

My 9 yr. old is asking for this for Christmas. It is recommended for ages 3-7 so I was wondering if he would enjoy it. After I read your blog and you have 3 kids and one is 12 and she enjoyed it, that is when I decided I need to get this for my son.

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