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Where to Buy Conservative Clothing for Teens

Where to find conservative clothing for teens and tweens can be difficult these days. Here’s where we found cute clothes for girls this year that they love!

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I know I am not alone is saying that I like my girls to dress modestly. I have three daughters and finding an answer to where to find conservative clothing for teens and tweens becomes more a more difficult as time goes on.

Conservative Teen Fashions

As a teenager in the 80’s and 90’s it was easy to find longer shorts and shirts that were appropriate for school, but with my girls in 2017 it’s more difficult. Here is what we found when Back-To-School shopping this year!

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conservative clothing

Of course my oldest daughter wants to keep up with High School must-have trends and look “cool”, but that doesn’t mean she can’t conservative kids jeans at the same time. It’s always fun shopping with my girls as they all have different styles and tastes. When they were younger it was not hard to find cute outfits that covered them in an appropriate fashion, but once they entered into the larger sizes there were fewer things to choose from.

Modest Clothing for Teens

Finding a store that has a large selection of clothing that my teenager, tween, and I approve of is wonderful!  While shopping together we found that JCPenney is a one-stop shopping location that has a variety of really cute, conservative, and well priced clothing they like!

Their brands range from a private label all the way national brands I have purchased myself for years. Talk to your daughters about your reasons why dressing discretely is important so they understand.

conservative clothing

They have a variety of Back-to-School fashions that make all of us smile, at great price points as you can see below! There were TONS of sales in every department which is great since we shop in 3 different sections!

Modest Tween Clothing

My middle daughter is in between sizes so we shop in the girls and junior departments while my oldest daughter shops in the junior and women’s departments. Lucky for the two of us we wear similar sizes nowadays, so it’s like getting two for the price of one……score!!! 😉

If you’re like I was, wondering where to find conservative clothing for teens and tweens….JCPenney is a great option. Let us know what you find this year!

conservative clothing for girls

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