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What is Idaho Known For

Let’s talk about popular food, wildlife, places to see and what is Idaho known for other than potatoes! The Gem State is a beautiful place to visit, has adventures to experience and is ready for your family to visit.

What is Idaho Known For

Idaho, located in the western United States, is known for several distinctive features and contributions way beyond just growing taters in the ground. Yes it is known as “The Potato State.” Known for high-quality of russet potatoes but there’s much more as we’ve come to find over the last 6 years.

The state’s climate, volcanic soil, and irrigation methods create ideal conditions for growing taters, it is one of the highest producing states in the U.S. Also known for its other agricultural products, including wheat, barley, sugar beets, and hops. The state’s agricultural industry plays a vital role in the local and national economy.

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Gem State

With breathtaking natural landscapes, it is home to stunning national parks, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton, as well as the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The state offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, white-water rafting, and camping. As well as lots of things to do in Boise Idaho, Coeur d’Alene and Idaho Falls.

It’s nickname is the “Gem State” due to its rich deposits of precious and semi-precious gemstones. It is a significant producer of garnets, star garnets (Idaho’s state gem), opals, and more. The Star Garnet is unique to the state and highly prized.

Gem State

Fun Facts About Idaho

If you have kiddos they can enjoy our US States Worksheets as seen above. Wildlife enthusiasts and hunters are drawn to this state for its abundant opportunities for viewing and hunting. Rivers also offer thrilling white-water rafting experiences, particularly on the Salmon River, “River of No Return.”

  1. Hells Canyon, along the Snake River, is the deepest river gorge in North America, surpassing even the Grand Canyon in depth. It offers stunning vistas, hiking trails, and some of the Best Campgrounds in Idaho.
  2. There are 4 major universities; one in Pocatello, Idaho State University is known for its healthcare and science-related programs.
    • Boise State University in Boise is the largest with the only college blue turf football field in the U.S.!
    • Brigham Young University Idaho, BYUI, is in Rathdrum and a smaller campus but subset of BYU in Utah.
    • University of Idaho in the city of Moscow is also close to a smaller campus known as Lewis and Clark and is 20 minutes from WSU across the Washington border.
  3. Over the years, Idaho has seen growth in the technology and semiconductor industry. The city of Boise, in particular, has a growing tech sector with the addition of a very large Micron facility.

There is Silverwood Theme Park South of Sandpoint which is a bit smaller than Knott’s Berry Farm in Ca. but with a similar feel. My kids have visited there year after year and as teenagers still enjoy the waterpark and rides during the warmer months.

Fun Facts About Idaho

Food in Idaho Falls

This is just one of the larger cities in this gorgeous state. I would say there are only really 4-5. Boise is the largest by far (with Meridian and Eagle lumped in there together), followed by Idaho Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Rexburg and then Sandpoint is just north of 2,500 people or so. They all have hot spots to eat, best places to eat can be found here.

I included the most popular food in Idaho in the following recipes so you can try them out. Berries are found in plenty around July-August throughout the state and we’ve made many huckleberry recipes. If you find a good patch keep it a secret so you can go year after year and pick them for free yourself. Taters can be made into all the things, and red trout is plentiful.

Similar to What is California Known For there is a lot of fish out here in our lakes. Trout is the most common and known variety caught and served but others are out to be caught too.

huckleberry jam
Huckleberry Jam
How to make homemade huckleberry jam on your stovetop or in your Instant Pot is here! Add some chia seeds and this is great on toast for breakfast or dessert.
Huckleberry Jam Recipe
huckleberry recipe
Sweet Rolls
Homemade sweet rolls recipe with blueberries or any filling you want inside. Best breakfast pastry or dessert everyone will love. Made from scratch with cream cheese frosting on top for dessert.
Sweet Rolls Recipe
Huckleberry Cobbler
Huckleberry Cobbler
Easy huckleberry cobbler with fresh fruit and topped with a crumble topping complete with honey roasted nuts today! Using fresh berries, nuts and oats on top.
Huckleberry Cobbler Recipe
Baked Potatoes in Foil Slow Cooker
Crockpot Baked Potatoes
Fluffy Crockpot baked potatoes are the best side dish or loaded up with cheese and our 5 ingredient chili for dinner tonight! Russet potatoes in slow cooker makes them fork tender.
Crockpot Baked Potatoes Recipe
air fryer fish
Air Fryer Fish
Best air fryer fish recipe with no breading is here. Lightly seasoned fillets are a healthy, keto and low carb dinner. Cooked fork tender in just a few minutes. 
Air Fryer Fish Recipe

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