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Kitchen Sink Cookies with Coconut

The best totally loaded cowboy kitchen sink cookies with coconut ever! Packed with chocolate chips, nuts, pretzel pieces and more. If you’ve never had a loaded cookie they’re a must, just like a copycat Panera dessert but cheaper.

Kitchen Sink Cookies with Coconut

These totally loaded cowboy Panera Kitchen Sink Cookies with Coconut is probably one of my favorites! It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a chocolate lover, and definitely need a little something sweet after dinner. These cookies bring dessert to a whole new level of YUM!! Let me share our recipe with you. (affiliate links present)  😉

Chewy Kitchen Sink Cookies Recipe

The whole definition of cowboy cookies to me is a cookie that is packed with tons of ingredients that you love. SO everyone may make them a bit differently.

The general rule though is to make a super moist simple chocolate chip cookie and load it full of treats. We like different chocolates, nuts, coconut (my fave) and more!  I have made these with a bit of ground coffee from time to time too. Yes they provide a pick me up when you do that. 

chocolate chip cookie dough

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Cookies

You can make these easier and semi homemade too. You would use our cake mix cookie bar recipe instead. Make in a pan to cut or chill and form into cookies instead.

What are kitchen sink cookies made of?

That just means you add all the things into the batter. The more the merrier. I have seen gently crushed pretzels, raisins, chocolate, peanut butter chips, nuts, you name it. Cowboy cookies are another name for these sometimes in the South.

Copycat Panera Kitchen Sink Cookies

The first time I saw and tasted these were at this popular restaurant. I get a .99 cent treat with my meal and these looked incredible. I could see bits of pretzels poking out of the top and that got me curious for sure. The mixture of salty and sweet was the bomb and I had to try them myself at home.

This totally loaded cowboy cookie recipe is great to make when you’re bringing some goodies to a friend’s house for the holidays or having a potluck. You can also wrap a few up for a few Teacher’s gift, or just enjoy them for yourself. 


You’ll add most of your dry ingredients – flour mixture into one bowl. Then blend the butter, sugars, add eggs (1 egg and 1 yolk) and mix in another large bowl. An electric mixer is better than elbow grease.

Next mix them together and add all the yummies to make it “cowboyified”! Quite frankly I’m not sure how these cookies got their name. In my mind a cowboy cookie just means you throw everything your heart desires into it to make it full of goodness.

  • The best addins we say are oats coconut and pecans. Beyond that throw in all the goodies in your pantry!
  • Make sure you preheat oven to 350 degrees while you’re mixing so they bake properly.

I have added 1/2 cup of raisins at times too but I didn’t have that on hand so it got left out this time. 1/4 cup or more of coconut is heavenly + peanut butter chips are amazing! I could go on and on. Let’s have a rundown on how you make these shall we…….

caffeinated cowboy cookies

Kitchen Sink Cookies Recipe

Take them out when the edges are just browned. Let them sit on the baking sheets and continue to bake a few minutes longer outside of the oven. That will keep these totally loaded cowboy cookies nice, soft, and moist!

  • Mix the flour, baking soda, salt and if you want to add coffee flavor add some grounds.
  • Set aside. In the bowl take some time beating together your butter and sugars. Then add your egg, vanilla, and mix until creamy. 
  • Slowly add in the flour mixture until it is blended together well.
  • Mix in your chocolate chips, shredded coconut and any other ingredients you might like. 
  • These cookies are all about adding as much as you want and things you love. 
  • Bake for approx. 12ish minutes or until edges are barely golden browned. Do NOT overcook! Set pan on wire racks to cool. They will look wet in the center when you take them out but allow to cool on pan to stiffen and be really soft when you eat them.

If you like crunchier cookies cook for 14 minutes, we like ooey gooey. At Walmart they have these cute clear bags in the party section for just $.99 for 12 of them. Pick up a roll of ribbon in their fabric section for $.99 and you have the perfect “wrapping” for these babies. 

chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe

Homemade Cowboy Cookies

Pretzel sticks are present in the Panera versions which is great for a salty add in. Any of these options can be swapped out for more of something else of course. Get together the ingredients you need and then jump to recipe and get started!

  1. Flour
  2. Butter – room temperature
  3. Brown sugar
  4. Sugar
  5. Egg
  6. Vanilla extract
  7. Chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and coconut
  8. Add ins
    1. Nuts
    2. Peanut butter chips
    3. Butterscotch chips
    4. Raisins or oats are great

Neighbors and Teachers love these, crinkle cookies, and oatmeal cream pies packaged this way for the holidays too. I saw that even Laura Bush makes these dump cookies at Christmas too.

Crinkle Cookies Recipe 2

How to Save Leftover Cookies

That is the question right? You could make several dozens of these at the same time if you could keep them moist for days or even months right?? Well you totally can if you follow these tips here.

  • Allow Kitchen Sink Cookies with Coconut all to cool completely first.
  • Lay them in one single layer, or two with a piece of parchment paper in between them inside a gallon freezer bag.
  • Suck all of the air out of the bag.
  • Keep on the countertop and enjoy up to 3 days.
    • If you aren’t going to eat them that quickly do the same thing but lay flat into a drawer in your freezer.
    • This way you can save them for 2-3 months.
      • Allow this bag out of the freezer to sit on the countertop to defrost.
      • Every time you take one out you need to suck the air out again and again.

If you add 1/2 slice of fresh sandwich bread into the bag before sealing this will keep them even more tender. It adds moisture into the bag.

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Kitchen Sink Cookies with Coconut

Totally loaded cowboy kitchen sink cookies with coconut are packed full of all the things you love in a dessert, the more the better!
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword coconut, cookies, cowboy, easy, oatmeal
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 13 minutes
Servings 24
Calories 197kcal
Author The Typical Mom




  • In a bowl with a paddle attachment cream butter and sugars until fluffy. Then add vanilla and egg for a few more minutes on medium speed until incorporated.
  • In another bowl mix dry ingredients; flour, baking soda, and salt.
  • Slowly add in the flour mixture until it is combined well. Mix in your chocolate chips and all other add ins leaving the pretzel pieces to fold in at the very end.
  • Cover bowl and refrigerate for 2 hours. Remove, preheat oven to 350 degrees and lay parchment paper on a baking sheet. Spoon 2 tbsp of dough into a ball and leave 2 inches in between each one.
  • Bake for approx. 13 minutes or until edges are barely browned, do NOT overcook! They will look wet in the center (but not raw) when you take them out but allow to cool on pan to stiffen and be really soft when you eat them. If you like crunchier cookies cook for 15 minutes instead.


Nutrition Facts
Kitchen Sink Cookies with Coconut
Amount Per Serving (3 oz)
Calories 197 Calories from Fat 36
% Daily Value*
Fat 4g6%
Saturated Fat 2g13%
Cholesterol 16mg5%
Sodium 66mg3%
Potassium 73mg2%
Carbohydrates 36g12%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 23g26%
Protein 2g4%
Vitamin A 45IU1%
Vitamin C 0.2mg0%
Calcium 24mg2%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
cowboy cookies
Recipe Rating

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Tina Jui | The Worktop

Sunday 27th of December 2015

Yum! Coffee in cookies sounds like a winning combination!


Sunday 20th of December 2015

These sound amazing! I am going to have to try them!


Saturday 19th of December 2015

My mom would LOVE these! I need to try making them, I've never heard of them!

kristi dominguez

Friday 18th of December 2015

These sound so good!!

Camesha | Mama Motivator

Friday 18th of December 2015

What a cool idea! I never would have thought to use the coffee as an ingredient. That's a new way to get a pick me up!

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