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Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Here are lots of free printable baby shower games to use at your next party!! The Price is Right baby shower game, what’s in your purse, baby shower bingo and many more that are free to print and perfect for all ages! Get ready to laugh because these will bring out the giggles in everyone at your baby shower.

free printable baby shower gamesI’m all about fun, and I’m all about free too! When planning a party or get together I always start with what I can get for free, then what I can find at the dollar store, and then go elsewhere for the remaining party items I need. Call me cheap…I prefer frugal. 😉 Here are a few free printable baby shower games you can use for the next celebration that will help get you started! Have fun!! (originally published 4/16)

Yes you can handwrite all of these games out yourself but seriously who has time for that??!!

Just set your printer to the number of guests you’ll have at the baby shower and print each one for free, that should help get the planning started.

Here are our favorite free printable baby shower games

I have several below like My Water Broke Baby Shower Game that are very inexpensive to buy online and many here that are free to download too so between all of them you should be totally set for some hilarious baby shower game fun!

  • The first one is baby shower bingo which is fun to play, hilarious, and comes with markers too so you don’t have to scrounge around for pennies or candies to use. I provide several different versions of this so that not everyone wins at the same time and you can have several people playing. It is hilarious and very different so it is sure to get a laugh at your party and the spaces are just so true when you’re a mom.
  • Whoever gets across or vertical along one row wins a prize! You can make them silly prizes, candy, or candles work well too.


Baby shower bingo

  • The next free printable baby shower game that is fun is called Whats in your purse? This one is really easy and all you need are a few pens or pencils to mark off the points they will get…the person with the most points at the end wins. And they should have their own pen to use since they will have to pull out their purse for this baby shower game anyway.

baby shower printable

  • Another one that is fun is a version of a popular game show and we will call it The Price is Right baby shower game!! You can buy these items and have them there to look at or just use the sheet, they are general baby items and everyone will guess what they cost when you went to the store. Just go to the store and write down the price of each item, I would have them guess the not on sale price of each one. One of our favorite free printable baby shower games because it’s hilarious to play.

baby shower price is right

  • Here is a free printable baby word search printable to use too…simple but fun! Give everyone a highlighter and time it to see who can find the most words in let’s say a minute or so and that is your winner.

baby shower word search

Here are a few fun baby shower games that are inexpensive but really fun to add to the mix!!

  1. Baby Shower Pregnancy Test Game
  2. Guess the Celebrity Baby
  3. Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary
  4. Baby Animal Game
  • Now the only other thing you need is a baby shower gift tracker so you remember who gave you what and whether you already sent a thank you note or not. Just print out this baby shower gift tracker and it will make it easy peasy!!

Baby shower gift tracker makes remembering who gave you what and whether you sent a thank you note yet EASY, free printable.

Now that you have a few free printable baby shower games check out the dollar store baby shower decor ideas I have here too…that’s where you go next and there are tons of things you can use from there to make your party cute!

I also have a long list of baby shower drinks that are perfect colors for a party of this kind!
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 4.05.57 PM

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