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Dessert in a Mug

This cobbler dessert in a mug is fantastic! Tastes like blueberry or strawberry cobbler and just takes less than 2 minutes to make this dessert for one.

dessert in a mugI made a chocolate chip cookie in a mug the other week and it was such a hit I decided to continue to create another yummy dessert in a mug, this is what I came up with! I like to call it either a dump cake in a mug or to me it tastes like a bite of fruit cobbler. Many times I just want a sweet bite of something but definitely don’t have the time or energy to bake a whole dish (nor do I need more than a few bites), so this easy dump cake in a mug is just right…and you could use blueberry too!

Ok so I’ve made crockpot dump cake before and it turned out pretty yummy. It’s kind of like a cobbler idea with pie filling, any kind, and cake mix.


recipes in a mug

When you want something sweet but don’t want to put in a lot of effort it is kinda’ a win win. Just 3 ingredients and you can have a warm feel good dessert in a mug if you are looking for something sweet that is made just for one!

We have made it with blueberry and strawberry pie filling and both are good but the strawberry is just great! If you only make one just put a piece of press and seal wrap on the top and put the rest of the can in the fridge so you can have another on a different night. When we make this for dessert it is a good size to make all 5 of us one.

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Dessert in a mug

Dessert in a Mug

Author The Typical Mom


  • 1 tbsp . butter
  • 3 tbsp . vanilla cake mix
  • 2 heaping tbsp. pie filling strawberry is fantastic


  • Melt butter in mug. Then add cake mix and stir until well mixed. Spoon 2 heaping tbsp. of pie filling on top and microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds. Let it sit for 30 seconds at least to continue to cook. Done. If you like a bit drier you can do 10 more seconds or add another 1/2 tsp. cake mix, but this is the way to go. It will not look done when you take it out, let it sit for 30 seconds to finish cooking.

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Saturday 28th of January 2017

Sounds like a good dessert I love these type of desserts that are simple and quick. I have also used jelly instead of pie filling and it turns out great. There are zillions of flavors of jellies and jams so ithere is no limit to the flavors. I don't use cake mix for these, just the same amount of flour and a splash of vanilla extract.

The Typical Mom

Saturday 28th of January 2017

What a good idea! What were the measurements you used so others can try this.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.