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Free Printable March Cleaning Checklist

Here’s a March cleaning checklist so you can purge and organize your garage this month! Another free organization printable to keep you on track, and focus on one area of your house at a time! Cleaning can be overwhelming but breaking it up is key to your success!

march cleaning checklist

I’ve got your March cleaning checklist ready for you! If you’re back after completing January and February’s lists this one will get you into the garage to organize, purge, and clean there! These are some of our most helpful organization printables. 😉 (originally published 2/17)

Free Cleaning Printable

I’m sure there are many things you’ve thrown in there “just in case”, and it is time to get rid of what you haven’t used in the past year and organize the things you will so you can have find what you need quickly.

If you missed the previous month’s checklists I will include a link to those again below. I like to work in small areas, room by room each month so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Focusing on just the cleaning tasks in the dining room for instance helps me not to get side tracked so I can finish!!


March Cleaning Checklist

For purging I generally follow these rules:

  1. If you don’t love it, donate it
  2. You haven’t used it in a year, donate it
  3. Doesn’t fit any longer, donate it
  4. If it’s broken, get rid of it
  5. Can’t fit all of it, choose your favorites and donate the rest
    1. Use this especially with your holiday decor

garage organization tips

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Like I said, I’ve created organization printables for every month of the year.

If you’d like the whole set you can print this monthly cleaning schedule ebook as well, or just do our quick 30 day clean house checklist.

This month is March and I thought we’d deep clean the garage. Everyone’s garage has a life of it’s own. We have a 3 car garage with the the 3rd stall used for storage. It’s nice to have a separation.

Grab a few items to organize your garage and get started!

garage organization tips

If your garage if full and your cars don’t fit you will have a bit more of a challenge ahead. But set a goal that you WILL fit at least 1 car in this year. Hopefully these organization printables will help you with that.

Free Printable cleaning checklist

YOU CAN DO IT!! I believe in you. 😉 Just print out this free cleaning checklist and get started.

  • Here’s a black and white printer friendly March cleaning checklist as well if you’d prefer.
  • You don’t have to do it all in 1 weekend. Make your goal the end of March. I always feel better after a good purge and cleaning session.

If you finish a bit early here are a few other resources to clean and organize your house. You can download every month of the year in our monthly cleaning schedule ebook.

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Saturday 3rd of April 2021

Awesome, useful, and super realistic! You can really do these things!

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