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Eve’s Addiction Reviews

Find personalized jewelry at Eve’s Addiction. Beautiful jewelry with monograms or names in the metal of your choice. Online shopping at it’s best.

Eves addiction jewelryI admit that I have always been obsessed with anything you can personalize. It may be because I could NEVER find Justine on those little license plates, barrettes, or anything else as a child. Now that I have kids I LOVE personalizing things when it’s time to give them a gift. Let me show you what I got for my daughter from Eve’s Addiction who just finished her first year in High School. Special thanks goes out them for sponsoring this post.

  • Online sites like Eve’s Addiction make it easy for me when I’m trying to find something special for my girls.

I probably buy 95% of everything online because we both work full time and quite frankly I’d rather let my fingers do the walking when it comes to shopping. I found this awesome rose gold necklace for my teen that came monogrammed in just a week or so.

Personalized jewelry from Eve's Addiction.

I wanted something that was beautiful but still casual enough to wear on a daily basis. Something she could wear with jeans and a t-shirt as well as a nice dress when she went out!

We received this gift right when school ended and we were headed out for our annual road trip. Even though we were headed to a few National Parks she wore it the whole time….hiking and all. 😉

eve's addiction

Love how detailed the letters are and there were several options for how I wanted it to look. It is definitely something she will wear for years to come and when something is personalized it means a bit more I think.

Taking the time to order something special like this holds a meaning that is hard to duplicate. We hope our Eve’s Addiction reviews!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.