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Crockpot Hot Apple Cider

4 ingredient crockpot hot apple cider is amazing, especially during the holidays! This one is so easy to make and stays warm for hours in the slow cooker!

crockpot hot apple cider

It’s that time of year again when almost everything is cooked in my crockpot! I’m not talking just dinners, but drinks too like this crockpot hot apple cider! We love to bake and create yummy creations during the Fall and Winter and this recipe is perfect for that time of year. Love this crockpot recipes drink! (originally published 11/16, affiliate links present)

If you’re looking for something to serve on Christmas morning, a holiday party, or just when people come over in the evening this is a great, this drink is great.

We normally make our chilled sparkling apple cider but when it’s snowy outside this is way better.

Let’s talk a little bit about slow cooking shall we?? First off I have a few different varieties and I love them all. Each one has an occasion to be used like….

  1. This is my favorite 6 quart programmable one with a locking lid so it’s great for bringing to a potluck too.
  2. If you just want to serve a few appetizers you should get this one that sit side by side one another.
  3. I prefer not to use liners, but rather just spray olive oil inside before adding my food for easier cleanups.

Let me give you a peek of my pretty thang I bought recently. It goes with my kitchen so I can just leave it out on the countertop all the time. 😉


Crockpot Apple Cider

It’s a super easy slow cooker recipe that stays warm and tasty for hours on end.

That means that everyone in the family can enjoy it for Christmas brunch or Thanksgiving Day.

Literally all you need is what you see here. Of course you could make an adult beverage out of this drink too, but this is perfect for the whole family.


What alcohol is good with apple cider?

  1. Rye whiskey gives homemade apple cider a nice, slow and spicy burn
  2. Rum
  3. A blonde beer
  4. Tequila
  5. Scotch is sometimes a favorite
  6. Sparkling wine can give it some fun bubbles
  7. Bourbon is what I think of when I spike cider

And here it is when it is done. 

homemade apple cider

Slow cooker apple cider

  1. Apple cider
    1. apple juice is an alternative but not as good
  2. Orange
  3. Whole cloves work best
    1. if you must use ground cloves just sprinkle in a few
  4. Brown sugar and cinnamon sticks

If you’d rather use a spice bag vs. the orange and cloves, make them this way:

crockpot apple cider

I am telling you the house smells amazing when this is cooking! There is nothing like warm homemade apple cider during the holidays. 

If you’re making this for a holiday get together you should also check out our:

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How do you serve apple cider?

  1. Pour it into cute mugs
  2. Add a cinnamon stick for stirring into the cup
  3. Sprinkle in a bit of fresh orange zest
  4. Put a fresh slice of orange on the edge of the mug
  5. Add a cute chai tea bag inside
  6. Complete it with a swirl of whipped cream
  7. Swirl in some liquid or caramel sundae syrup

What can I add to hot cider?

  1. 5-Spice you can sometimes find in specialty stores, or make your own to add into hot cider. 
  2. A whole chili is great to float in your hot cider if you want to add a layer of warmth. Just remember the longer it stays in the hotter it will get
  3. Citrus is great to complement the acidity of the apples. We added an orange but you could add a slice of lemon too.
  4. Booze of course
  5. A spoonful of maple syrup is yummy

The same goes when you make hot chocolate from scratch.

how to make hot chocolate

What are you waiting for??!! Grab your favorite Crock pot and cook on high if you’re in a hurry. I prefer slow and low all day but if you must you could do it quickly in 2-3 hours.

Want to see a few of my favorite things you might want to write on your Christmas list this year??!! 😉 Take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

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Crockpot Hot Apple Cider

Crockpot hot apple cider is amazing, especially during the holidays! This one is so easy to make and stays warm for hours in the slow cooker!
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Keyword apple, cider, crockpot, drink, hot, slow cooker
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 10 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 96kcal
Author The Typical Mom



  • Stick cloves into an orange. If you want a more intense orange flavor slice the orange in half first. Put into your pot.
  • In the crock pot mix the brown sugar and apple cider until dissolved. Add whole cinnamon sticks. If you want to add a spice bag add it at the end and submerge.
  • Cook on low for 4-6 hours and then enjoy. Leave on "keep warm" after that so you can enjoy it for hours on end.
Nutrition Facts
Crockpot Hot Apple Cider
Amount Per Serving (4 oz)
Calories 96
% Daily Value*
Sodium 7mg0%
Potassium 185mg5%
Carbohydrates 24g8%
Sugar 20g22%
Vitamin A 25IU1%
Vitamin C 7.3mg9%
Calcium 27mg3%
Iron 0.3mg2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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