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Clearing Clutter in Your Home

Clearing clutter in your home for the new year with this free monthly organization printable! November is time to purge the attic of old holiday decor.

November Cleaning Checklist

I have made free monthly organization printables for you here on The Typical Mom, and this is clearing clutter from your home this Winter for November! I have all the other months as well that you can access on the link right above here and print out each one or just a few if you want. (originally published 10/17, affiliate links present)

November Cleaning Checklist

I started with this January purge checklist and it was so wildly popular that people asked me to do one for each month of the year….which brings us to this one, but if you are just beginning you still can download them all. 😉

  • I focus on different rooms of the house each month so you do not become overwhelmed. If you do them all by the end of the year you will declutter your home one room at a time.
  • This month is the time of year you’re getting out a lot of decorations for Fall and Christmas. It is nice to purge before you put them all back later.

How to Remove Clutter from Home

Let’s be honest, there are always items you’ve been given and stuff in your junk drawer that you never really cared for. Now it is taking up space because you know good and well you will never put it on display in your house.

Thanksgiving turkey craft

How to Declutter your Home

Donate it!!! I am sure there is someone who will adore it. The office is a good place to tackle too. In my May monthly chore chart I tackle the office too, so it’s been a while and it’s time to focus on that again!

  • I put together a home organization binder 
    • You just print out each month from my organization printables page
    • Put each one in a sheet protector
    • Use a wet erase markers to check off when you’ve cleaned and/or purged the things on each list
    • Wipe it clean with a wet wipe (we all have those)
    • Re use these free cleaning printables again year after year!
clearing clutter
organization binder

How to Remove Clutter from Home

I have two of the printables for you below. The top one is brown like the one at the top of this post and the other is black and white in case you want that instead.

Of course this one focuses on only a few rooms at a time. If you want one of these with different areas focused on then click on the link at the top of this post. I have all of the months there so you could tackle a few at a time every 30 days. Your kitchen, bedrooms, office and bathrooms aren’t all that you should look at often though.

You need to spend some time each year when the season changes for a backyard clean up. Getting rid of the dead foliage will make your plants healthier, you can get the wet leaves away from the house to prevent molding and just make things cleaner looking overall.

Next area beyond just the inside rooms would be to tackle and purge the garage from all the things you have kept way too long. I too have a checklist in that link where you can keep yourself on track and touch everything in there making decisions along the way.

garage organization tips

Home organization printable

These have been very helpful for hundreds and hope that it is benefical to your quest to declutter your house.

  1. Decorations and decor – usually these are kept in the basement or attic. Go thru each box and have a trash bag for donating and one for throwing away. If you find something that is broken and you cannot repair it. Of course keep the sentimental pieces, but decide how many boxes you have room for. Only keep what fits in those boxes each year.
    1. Slowly purge the items each year that you may not care for and add the ones that have special meaning to you. This will help you create a clutter free home.
    2. Replace cardboard boxes with plastic tubs so critters and/or moisture cannot get in them and destroy your special things.
      1. Then order a few ornament storage containers and replace the boxes those are in so they don’t get ruined either. When you take out your ornaments in a month you’ll have them ready. 
        • Then you can immediately throw away the original boxes they were in. You’ll only have to order these once and you’ll be glad you did it from then on.
  2. Replace damaged wires – you may need to call in an electrician for household wires but checking simple plugs for t.v.s in the basement and lamps down there are important too.

How to Clear Clutter in Your Home

  1. Order a new desk calendar for the new year – yes I put appointments in my phone but it has helped so much to have a large desk calendar to see things quickly as well and they aren’t expensive.
printable calendar pages
  1. Organize tax documents – you’ll be glad you spent a bit of time on this since it is close to the end of the year. At least put all your receipts in one manila envelope marked for that year. Then in a few months you have them all together. Put data into Quicken so it is easier to calculate when the time comes.
  2. Good Luck on your journey of having a more feng shui home!

Looking for other things that need to be done at the end of the year??

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.