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Monthly Chore Chart Printable

I have a monthly chore chart printable for every month of the year, and here is the one for May! Helpful 12 monthly cleaning schedule list of chores are here for cleaning and purging throughout the year.

monthly chore chart

In January I set out to create organization printables in the form of a monthly chore chart. It helped me focus on one area of the house and really clean and purge that spot. Looking at a list for the entire house would just totally overwhelm me. I knew I wouldn’t even start if I saw 1000 things I needed to do. BUT if I just tackled one room at a time I knew I could wrap my head around that and get it done! (affiliate links present)

Free Monthly Chore Chart

I made one and it was so wildly popular that people asked me to continue for every month of the year. That this helped them create a home organization binder. You too can print out each monthly cleaning checklist and use them year after year. It works out great!

I feel like paper and pen is just by “old fashioned” style to keep track of what was done and things that need to get finished. With help of the kids I can print a few for everyone to keep track of things as well which is super handy.

organization printables

Monthly Chore Chart Printable

I have many free printable chore charts as I shared above with a link to them all. You may just want one of them to begin with though to see if it is for you, I get it. Use as a family chore chart or chore chart for kids to do chores for money. I focused on your office in May to clean and purge.

Creating a chore chart is an excellent way to organize household tasks and responsibilities, distribute them among family members, and encourage everyone to contribute to maintaining a clean and organized home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a chore chart:

  1. Define Your Goals – Determine the purpose of the chore chart. Is it to evenly distribute chores, teach responsibility, or establish a routine? Having clear goals will help you design an effective chart.
  2. List Household Chores – Make a comprehensive list of all the chores that need to be done regularly. These can include cleaning, cooking, laundry, pet care, and more. Be sure to consider age-appropriate tasks for each family member.
  3. Assign Chores – Match each chore to the family member(s) responsible for completing it. You can rotate chores weekly, monthly, or as needed. Be fair and consider each person’s abilities and preferences.
  4. Determine Frequency – Specify how often each chore should be done. Some may be daily, while others are weekly or monthly. You can use different columns or sections for these categories.
  5. Create a Chart – You can make a chore chart on paper, a whiteboard, a digital document, or a specialized chore chart app or website. Choose a format that works best for your family. Make the chore chart visually appealing and easy to read. Use columns or rows for each family member and chore, and include space for checkmarks or stickers to mark completed tasks.
  6. Add Names and Chores – Write down each family member’s name at the top of their column or row. List their assigned chores underneath their name.
  7. Set a Timeframe – Decide whether the chore chart will cover a week, a month, or a different timeframe. Include the start and end dates.
  8. Reward System – Consider implementing a reward system to motivate family members. You can assign points for completed chores and exchange them for rewards or privileges.
  9. Post the Chart in a central location where everyone can easily see it. The kitchen or a common area is often a good choice. Hold a family meeting to introduce the chore chart. Explain how it works, the expectations, and any rewards or consequences. Periodically review the chart to ensure everyone is following through.
  10. Be Flexible – Be open to adjustments as needed. Family schedules and circumstances can change, so be flexible and willing to adapt the chore chart as necessary.

Encourage Accountability, to take ownership of their chores and complete them responsibly. Avoid nagging and instead use positive reinforcement and praise. And always lead by example and demonstrate responsible completion of your own chores. This sets a good precedent for the rest of the family.

free Monthly Chore Chart

I am telling you that working on one area each month is so much easier than trying to tackle your whole house. It is much more likely that you will accomplish it and not feel totally overwhelmed. Get your kids to help too, mine love the shredding process!

  1. Monthly chore chart template is here, or you can use this black and white printer friendly version of the monthly chore list of household tasks for daily or weekly tasks for family members
  2. Compressed air duster is great for cleaning nooks and crannies on keyboards etc.
  3. I love having a back support seat cushion in my office, you should really replace yours at least every year.
  4. Shredder that will shred credit cards too.
  5. Monthly organization printables for every other month of the year are here!

12 Month Chore Chart

Once you are done with this May free cleaning chore chart and purging checklist then go ahead and print off the other months of the year to organize daily chores . Put it into a binder like I linked to above. It has been extremely helpful for me to do it this way. After you’ve created it once you can use it year after year!

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