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Top Money Saving Apps

Top money saving apps you need! All of them are free to use and you can even earn free gift cards many. If you love saving money and use coupons often these will help you save even more with just the touch of a button.

Money Saving Apps

I have found, and use frequently, many top money saving apps and websites! Many of them are available to use on your desktop as well. I have many of them below and I’d love to share how they save me money when I’m at the grocery store and at local retailers as well. Some of them send me FREE gift cards just for using them too… that! (originally published 11/15, referral and affiliate links present)

Best Money Saving Apps

First watch this video where I show you how to earn the most money and free gift cards using Swagbucks!

Top Money Saving APPs

  1. TOP Money Saving APP is Swagbucks!! – If you shop thru this site you earn points which you can then turn in for free gift cards like Starbucks, Best Buy, and believe it or not this is the APP we used to get into Disneyland for free!
    1. here are extra tips on how to make money on Swagbucks
    2. this is 1 way we get free airline tickets year round
  2. Ebates gives you $10 free to join I use this when I am buying things from retailers and they offer you coupon codes there too! It’s now called Rakuten and a great ways to save money
    1. Grab your free $10 gift card when you sign up and make your first purchase. They also offer you money back on your purchases so you may earn 5% cashback on your total. It goes into your account and they send you a check quarterly! You can also earn money downloading coupons thru their site too!!
  3. I use frequently. I use it on my phone as well as using it on my computer so I can print coupons out at home on my own home printer.

Best App for Saving Money Goal

  • Local Saver is one of my favorite APPs! They offer coupons for restaurants and entertainment deals in your city. It senses where you are. Then it let’s you know what meal deals or fun activity steals are so you to enjoy them!
  • Lemoney is great for shopping online and earning cash back on every purchase. Watch the money grow in your savings account there and then cash out and your money is delivered to your PayPal account immediately!
  • Toluna is a site where you can take surveys, earn points, and can earn free stuff!
  • ShopKick is one of my favorite APPs that sends me FREE gift cards just by touching it when I walk into stores, which earns me points, and then I redeem them for gift cards that are sent to me via email (I always snag the free Starbucks cards)!
  • Walmart Savings Catcher App was great but closed earlier this year. ;(
top money saving apps

Apps to Help You Save Money

I like the Michael’s APP because I no longer have to make sure to rip out the 40% off coupon, it is always right there to use when I enter the store and touch my APP!

  • Retail Me Not is one I use a lot!! This money saving APP has coupons to many of the local retailers you visit. You can scroll through them to find what % off you can use. Some are for online and some are able to be used in store as well.
  • LocalFlavor is a great APP and website offering discounts on local restaurants and activities.
  • Groupon also offers local deals on restaurants, activities and goods.
  • LivingSocial is great deal app too.
  • Goldstar offers great deals on local events like live theater, sports events and more.
  • Reserve Direct offers discounts on amusement park tickets, hotels, and events. We used them to find discounts on a place to stay and activities for our San Francisco trip.

That is our list of 17 top money saving apps we use. It helps us save money on a daily basis and get free stuff too!! Here’s a site to get freebies too!

Looking for other ways to save money, read these articles too!

travel for free

Money Saving Apps for Students

Here are a few other ways to save money:

  • Take part in the penny savings challenge at home
  • Make a tip jar and up all your spare change from the day in it
    • put this in your bank account at the end of the year
    • make a savings goal for this account and spend it on something nice once you get there
  • Open an automatic transfers account that rounds spending to the nearest dollar and saves it.
    • this could become an investment account without you even noticing you’re saving
    • there’s no monthly fee and it’s a great automatic savings account
  • Use Cashback credit cards for extra rewards at the end of the month
  • Sign up for frequent buyer programs to get discounts via email.

* If you love this long list of top money saving APPs,  have many other ways to save money and tips on doing so on my blog such as joining Amazon Prime Pantry and tips on couponing as well here, I also PIN many $ saving ideas on Pinterest so follow me there as well. *

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Nicola haslam

Tuesday 27th of March 2018

I use swagbucks and am happy cashing out Amazon vouchers although there are many other ways to cash out including PayPal. Thanks for your tips


Tuesday 6th of June 2017

I also use Yaarlo. It literally is only pennies on the dollar, not gonna get rich I know. You just simply take a pic of your receipts and can get gift cards or directly to Pay Pal. Took me about 9 months but hey it was an EASY $50 and paid into my Pap Pal acct in like 36 hours so no complaints. Please use my referral code to sign up MARYSCOT432


Saturday 8th of April 2017

Another good app is qmee. I found it as a chrome extension then found it had an app. You can cash out at any time to your paypal.


Friday 10th of June 2016

there is not enough memory on phone to download all these apps stupid iphone

The Typical Mom

Monday 20th of June 2016

Grrrrr, frustrating


Thursday 7th of January 2016

Ibotta is my favorite by far! Like Checkout 51 but with so many more coupons. And there are preferred stores where you don't even have to scan your receipt--just give the cashier your linked phone number before paying (like Fareway)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.