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Classic Games for Kids

The best classic games for kids that encourage creativity, cooperation, and thinking. Great board game choices for young children.

The best games for children that involve thinking and cooperation but are super fun too!Did you know there are designated days that celebrate classic board games??!! I have very fond memories of many of these games playing with my friends on the carpet while watching cartoons. It is fun watching my kids enjoy the same ones today! Here are the dates for national game days so you can celebrate it too. Special thanks goes out to Hasbro.

I have to say that I love it when we play family game night games. Nowadays games require televisions, controllers, and there’s just something about having to read directions and take turns that is great for children.

Not that I am totally opposed to video games but it was funny when my 7 year old opened the box we received from Hasbro and said “yeah, I like this game because it doesn’t have any buttons!

  • ” Yes I laughed out loud and was happy she appreciated the difference! Here are a few of their favorite classic board games and toys they love.

Monopoly classic and empire

There are a few versions of Monopoly, we have the original and Monopoly Empire game that is fun too! There are several differences in stores vs. houses in each game so you can have both. Essentially other than similar rules they are different games.

My older daughter loves how her favorite stores are incorporated into the Monopoly Empire game. They are great for all ages, and adults.

Play doh

I like to incorporate a few classics in their Easter baskets too. Although this isn’t a “game” Play-Doh is a classic toy that gets their imaginations going which I love.

With a plastic knife tablecloth in the backyard I don’t have to worry about any mess. They can create away with all the different colors that come in boxes like this one. This pack is even more fun because they now have confetti Play-Doh!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.