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The Best Cool Jigsaw Puzzles

Ok so I am obsessed with cool jigsaw puzzles for adults and families! If you’re looking for good puzzles for your family to do together here are our faves!

best jigsaw puzzles for adults

I will start by saying this is NOT a sponsored post for this company, I am sharing all the ones I love that happen to all be from White Mountain puzzles. There are several reasons why I think they have the best and such cool jigsaw puzzles for adults and families to do together!

Best jigsaw puzzles for adults

This is why I love THIS brand!

  • Nostalgia – I love it when puzzles have pictures on them that remind me of my childhood. It reminds me of stories to share with them.
  • Larger pieces – ok I’m only 40ish but teeny tiny pieces don’t work anymore. SThese aren’t like Reader’s Digest large print kind’ big, but just a tad larger than traditional small ones.
  • A stand – I share below what the simple paper stand looks like but it helps tremendously when you’re trying to see where each piece goes.
  • Lots of different colors – I don’t know about you but jigsaw puzzles with large areas of the same color drive me nuts! These are good puzzles for kids and adults because the whole thing has different pictures so you’re not frustrated.
  • 1000 pieces – if you’re doing it as a family or a stress reliever you need it to last a while but be challenging. I find this size is best.
  • This candy puzzle you see here above was one of our favorites. My kids really got into it because, well obviously…it was all about treats! You can find a similar 500 pcs. candy puzzle here if you want to start a bit smaller.

I’m always looking for cool puzzles for adults because I do them fairly often now. Let’s backtrack to how I even got into doing jigsaw puzzles….. I work from home, and I work a lot (yes blogging is really time consuming). Many times I need to force myself to take a break and do something a bit mindless.

Watching t.v. works if there is some reality show marathon on or something (obsessed I tell you). Going to the gym is good but not always my favorite thing to do (ugggg). I was looking for something new.

Which Jigsaw Puzzle is Best

Which Jigsaw Puzzle is Best

My youngest (10 at the time) said “we should put a puzzle together this summer”. I’m always up for ways to connect with my kids. I went searching and we started with this candy puzzle.

All my girls were into it until it was halfway done. Their attention was diverted but I became OBSESSED. I’d spend an hour or so in the evening trying to complete it.

I liked this one in particular for the reasons I shared above. The biggest reason I loved it was because the candy wrappers were mostly old school. Many my kids hadn’t heard of.

It gave me the opportunity to tell them stories about what this one tasted like, or where I bought my first package when I was young. I was hooked!! We are on jigsaw puzzle number 3 from them now, this Presidents puzzle here.

good puzzles

Cool Jigsaw puzzles for adults and kids

I took this picture even though we aren’t done. I wanted to show you what I love about this brand of puzzles in particular. They each come with a stand so you can see the picture at all times!

It is a small little thing but makes a big difference when you’re looking for small details. Much easier than finding something heavy for the top to lean against and try to keep it upright.

Educational puzzles

Best puzzles for kids

  • This cereal box puzzle was really fun because my kids recognized almost all of them. Several were vintage style cereal boxes, what they looked like when I was a kid!
  • These are great 500 piece puzzles if you’re looking for a smaller size to start with:
Cool Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles for adults

  • It’s a way to connect – my kids and husband will jump in too from time to time. When you’re working on it you’re bound to talk and laugh. Nowadays with all the technology we really need a way to disconnect. This is a great way to reconnect.
  • It teaches cooperation – you have to work together to accomplish the end goal, finishing the puzzle. I have seen my girls jump in together and decide “you finish that corner, and I will work on this.”
  • Puzzles teach patience – this was the first lesson when we started this whole thing. My 10 year old who is a very focused and determined assumed she could finish it in one day. She had to learn that this is something for patience. The fun part is working on it here and there.
  • It’s a stress reliever – maybe reading books is for you, I’ve never been a huge reader. I like being able to take a break from deadlines just for a bit to finish an area. Especially if I am having a rough day, I can succeed at an area and feel better.

They’re a conversation piece – I suggest designating a table in your house as the “puzzle table” like you see here. It encourages people to sit down and do it for a bit on an ongoing basis. When people come over I GUARANTEE it will be something to talk about. They will probably join in if they’re visiting for long enough (and you let them). 😉

  • Doing puzzles is great for your brain – my grandmother and father both suffered from dementia in their later years. Both ended up in memory care facilities where there were always puzzles laying out on tables.

It’s proven if you keep your brain active by reading, playing memory games and puzzles you can help your brain. Looking for more family game night games?

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Angela Worley

Thursday 7th of July 2022

I would love to do these puzzles but I live in the UK is there any way I can get access to be able to buy them


Saturday 2nd of May 2020

Thanks for your awesome tips Can explain more about the paper stand

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