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Knott’s Berry Farm Ghost Town 75th Anniversary

Knott’s berry farm ghost town 75th anniversary events are on! Visit the new rides, shows and shops now open.

Knott's Berry Farm Ghost Town

We are lucky enough to visit Knott’s Berry Farm often and they are always offering something new! This  week we went to celebrate Ghost Town’s 75th Anniversary and not only was it fun but it was delicious too! Special thanks goes out to Knott’s Berry Farm for hosting us so we could share our experiences and photos with all of you.

Ghost Town has SO much to offer. We have been to Knott’s Berry Farm probably ten times together and learned of even more hidden secrets and surprises we never knew on this visit.

We will show you some in a minute.

Knott's berry farm ghost town

It is filled with shop after shop, a blacksmithing shop (where you can get a personalized horse shoe) and candy shops.

A general store is a must see, the old school house, it goes on and on! On this visit we were there celebrating the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town. Now that’s a long time!

One little secret we learned about was that there is one particular grave in the Boothill Cemetery that is “alive”! First of all we didn’t even know there was a pretend cemetery at Knott’s so we had to go and find it.

Knotts berry farm

When we did sure enough if you stood on top of one of the grave sites you could feel someone pounding to get out. Lol. Just one of the fun secrets hidden amongst all the fun in Ghost Town.

There’s always something new in and around Knotts Berry Farm. Like this older gentleman who was carving an eagle out of this piece of wood.

Totally amazing I tell you. There really is nothing else like it at any other amusement park we’ve visited.

Knotts chicken dinner restaurant

We learned that Ghost Town was actually created in order to entertain the thousands of guests. They had traveled from miles around to eat at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. Look what it’s turned into today!

We’ve actually heard a lot of first hand stories about this famous restaurant from my step dad. He actually worked there as a teenager when Mrs.Knott was there!

Oh the stories we heard about all the boysenberry jam he made, pounds and pounds of chicken he served, and it is STILL his favorite place to eat. We got to eat there as it just reopened after being fully renovated.

The chicken and biscuits just reminds you of your childhood. There are lots of boysenberry choices like jam, punch and of course pie!


There was something else to celebrate that day too. Ghostrider had reopened after being closed for quite some time. This is my older daughters’ favorite ride.

They were disappointed the last few visits when they saw it was being renovated. This time I got to ride with my middle daughter. Might I say it was fun bu bu but a bit faster than I remember.

knotts berry farm

Visit Knott’s berry farm ghost town 75th anniversary yourself and see it all!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.