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Imperfect Foods Review & Promo Code

Imperfect Foods review and $80 coupon code you can use on your first 4 orders! Get fruit and meat delivered to your home door for less.

Imperfect Foods Review

Looking for the best grocery delivery service to get meat and produce delivered to your home? You should look at our Imperfect Foods review + discount and see if it’s right for your family. (referral links present, originally published 1/22)

Imperfect Foods Promo Code First Time

You’ll get $20 off each order for your next 4 for a total of $80 off! Wondering if groceries delivered to your door are a game changer and whether you should try this, let me share my experience.

I’ll first say that I have tried a few different services. In California I did Amazon Fresh and Farm Fresh to You. Now, Misfit Market and this one add a new aspect to the game.

Imperfect Foods coupon code

Imperfect Foods Coupon Code

In case you haven’t heard of the differences this is how their model works. Instead of just shopping and buying from your local grocery store, you get a discount on foods that aren’t perfect. You know those apples that aren’t exactly round or there might be a slight blemish to the orange rind? Stores don’t want to sell them.

Instead they’re offered cheaper that the perfect pieces. But they don’t just offer imperfect produce. You can buy meat in bulk or individual pieces this way too.

The reason proteins would be available would be that there is an overstock of this or that. You can see the tray of mahi mahi we got here. It usually comes frozen but if you don’t get to it in time it may be defrosted by that evening. If that is all I have on hand I use this timing on how to cook frozen fish and it still comes out killer.

mahi mahi

Coupon Code Imperfect Foods

I got a few chicken breasts too to cook another night. This came frozen so I popped it right into my freezer in case I wasn’t ready to cook them right away. You could make them as is though using our Instant Pot frozen chicken breast recipe.

It’s a great way to order exactly what you need if you like meal planning on the weekends. My designated change window opens Monday.

I can go online and accept what they put in there, or swap out items, add, omit, and customize my box. If I want to make Instant Pot Chinese pepper steak then bell peppers and beef would be a must, it’s a great way to plan meals and get just what you need. Then my delivery day is on Thursday. It sure helps minimize grocery shopping!

I can buy almost all my boxed items on Amazon but I had to shop for meat, seafood and organic produce. NOW having produce deliveries right to me with proteins and ice packs to keep it cold until I get home is so amazing.

buying meat online

Imperfect Foods Coupon

You can choose to have a box delivered to your home every week or every other. Add as much as you want from the items available that week, or just the minimum to get free shipping.

I can easily order enough for 4 nights of meals and then Fridays are our leftover evenings. I hate throwing away leftovers so the end of the week is perfect to eat them all up. There are some things that are always available, like staples. Onions, garlic, apples, those types of items you’ll likely find every single time.

The others rotate depending on availability and the time of year. You’ll find some unusual things like we got Asian Pears (we love) that are fun to try. Fresh produce that is in season will be what’s offered so it’s always as fresh as possible. There are tons of other grocery items too though, like shelf stable foods.

For sweet treats I swear by Goldbelly (you can get $25 off your dessert order too) for cakes, cookies, bagels and more

cheap food delivery

Imperfect Foods Promo Code

Wondering whether this is offered in your area? I was too at first but entered my zip code and it was! I chose to personalize during my shopping window quite a bit because I wanted fish and chicken that week. I went for the fruits that they suggested because I figured they would know what was best at the time.

Each piece was really fresh for sure, we were all pleased. It does help us eat healthy too. Not walking down the junk food aisles and only ordering exactly what I wanted to cook for my family has been a big help. I haven’t had a reason to contact customer service but there is one available for chat or a call if necessary.

Hope this Imperfect Foods review is helpful if you’ve been curious what they offer and what their selections look like. A pretty diverse food system delivery that helps with reducing food and offers those items at a discount to you.

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Sunday 30th of October 2022

Hi there!

Just wanted to let you know that the promotion you are advertising on this blog is actually expired now, the referral program currently offers $20 off the first order for a new customer and the person who referred them.

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