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How to Help Sinus Pressure at Home

How to help sinus pressure at home easily with just two items! The best way to get sinus relief when you have a cold and during flu season. Simple and effective!

how to help sinus pressure

Battling the flu, drippy noses, and stuffed up sinuses are all too familiar to us, this is how to help sinus pressure as we know it and what has helped my husband and I for years.  (originally published 10/17, affiliate links present)

You know it’s coming….the flu and colds! Especially if you’re a parent it’s pretty much inevitable. One of your children will catch something and bring it home to “share it” with you. Not fun.

  • I bet someone in your house has the sniffles right now….my daughter does…..
  • The common cold isn’t life threatening of course, but it sure does put a damper on things.

This is what we always have on hand to help sinus pressure. My husband swears by this method so follow along….. (by no means is this medical advice, just what has worked for us year after year to relieve sinus pressure)

how to help sinus pressure

I think there isn’t a time of year where we don’t have a few boxes of Puffs and VapoRub in our house. With three kids and a husband who has sinus issues pretty much year round. I always keep them on hand.

  • There is nothing worse than waking up with severe sinus pain and pressure, or flu symptoms, and not having what you need on hand.
  • The LAST thing you want to do is leave the house, but you know your day will be a bit better with them.

Yes…we all have napkins and paper towels but seriously, let’s be real. When you have a sinus headache or a nose that just won’t stop draining you want the softest thing available. 

Where to put Vicks Vaporub for nasal congestion

Want to know my husband’s hack how how to help sinus pressure, here it is!

  1. First, take a hot shower to clear some nasal congestion.
  2. Then he uses a neti pot for nasal irrigation, that’s a great home remedy too.
    1. Recently we got this electric nasal washer that clears nasal passages like NO other! I would highly recommend this for treating colds long term.

Then, skip the nasal sprays, this is how to clear sinus congestion from there!

how to help sinus pressure 2

You don’t need a fancy and expensive piece of equipment to clear your sinuses, it’s actually simple really. If you have this in your medicine cabinet you’re set…if not grab some at below and keep it handy when the time arises.

  • You see, dry air is no good at times like this.
  • Nasal decongestants and pain relievers are short term, and don’t really improve the situation. Instead…..

How to help sinus pressure at home

  • Heat up a bowl of water and about a tablespoon full of Vicks VapoRub
  • Stir it in and it will begin to dissolve in the hot water
  • Put a towel over your head
  • Put your head above the water so the steam is warming your face
  • Completely cover your head and the bowl so the steam can be breathed in
  • Breathe in thru your nose (at first it will be harder because it’s stuffy but it will loosen up)
  • Do this for several minutes until you feel some sinus symptoms relief
  • Use Puffs tissues to blow your nose
  • Feel the relief!

With symptoms lasting as long as a week, it’s time to grab what you need when you’re at the store (or online) so you’re ready.

  • Nobody ever wants to battle the flu but it’s bound to happen to us all at one point in time.

Hope our hack helped you relieve sinus pressure. Let us know how it works for you!

how to help sinus pressure 3

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