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Best Allergy Relief For Kids

 If you’re a parent and looking for effective non drowsy allergy relief for kids we found one! Spring allergies are no fun for children who love being outdoors like my daughter but help is on the way and can be taken with you on road trips too! No matter what season gives them troubles there is relief for them.

Allergy Relief For Kids

The fun part about childhood is playing outdoors and being carefree right??!! Well for kids with seasonal allergies it can be a bit challenging. I have three daughters and my middle one has suffered from allergies most of her life. Poor thing gets a runny nose and sneezing when the seasons change, and when we travel (which is often) it was hard to figure out how to help her while we were away from home until we found non drowsy allergy relief for kids tablets that work great. We can take with us on the go too! (this is just our opinion and experience, we aren’t medical experts to give advice)

This happened at the end of March in Idaho!!

Talk about a surprise!!

Allergy Relief For Kids 2

Relieving Allergies Kids

One day it was sunny and bright and the next morning it was a winter wonderland outside…but wasn’t winter anymore. 😉 Of course they had a ball in it but with wild changes in weather comes some struggles with allergies for this sweet girl.

All three of my girls are always up for a new adventure, and really enjoy being outdoors, but my 11 year old here loves it the most!

If she could camp out amongst the trees and work at an animal rescue she would be in heaven! With all the different trees and blossoms that come about in the Spring especially it gives her nose some troubles though.

Allergy Relief For Kids 3

Allergy Medicine for Kids

When we travel as a family we love visiting National Parks which as beautiful as they are also have a wide variety of trees, new blossoms, and for a child with allergies it used to really bother her and I felt so bad. Traveling with medicine in liquid form was a bit more challenging as well, but Children’s Allegra tablets eliminated those worries for us.

I can pop them in the glove compartment, in our travel box full of necessities, or my purse and we’re set! Since they don’t make her drowsy she can enjoy the trip no matter what season it is along with the rest of us (tissue free and all).

With 12 hours of relief I can give her one in the morning before we take off on our adventures for the day, and one in the evening if she needs it. No remembering how long it’s been since her last dose is nice because we’re usually so busy doing activities when we’re on vacation and don’t want to held back by anything.

When she’s at school she finds relief all day in the classroom too if she takes a tablet in the morning. No more embarrassing drippy nose when she’s amongst her friends. 😉

Between this and having an air purifier in her room running day and night we’ve found the allergy relief for kids she needs to smile year round.

You can find Allegra for kids and adults at your local store, and it’s over the counter which is nice.

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Casandra LaMonaca

Thursday 18th of October 2018

So happy to win. Looking forward to getting the email. Thanks so much!

Casandra LaMonaca

Thursday 15th of November 2018

Hi, I was the winner and have not been contacted yet. Was wondering if you can help me be in contact with the right person to collect my prize. Thank you.

Mendy Dinsmore

Sunday 14th of October 2018

I could and do benefit from taking Allegra.

Andrea P.

Sunday 14th of October 2018

I could really benefit from it! I have terrible allergies.

Lindsay A.

Sunday 14th of October 2018

Here's my tweet. Thank you!!

Lindsay A.

Sunday 14th of October 2018

My nephew (lives in our household) seems like he could benefit from Allegra - he has been dealing with allergy-related nasal dripping constantly. I know his mom and grandmother have been getting his allergies checked out at the doctor’s.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.