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Seasonal Allergy Relief for Kids

How to handle seasonal allergy relief for kids. What has worked for our kids with the least side effects and great flavors.

seasonal allergy relief

We go on road trips a lot. Every time our kids are out of school for some sort of vacation we try to find somewhere new to go. During the Spring and Summertime it’s a given that we will travel to a new state. We’ve gotten used to what needs to be packed and seasonal allergy relief for kids is a must! Sponsored by Claritin.

Seasonal Allergy Treatment

This is my middle love. She LOVES the outdoors but unfortunately those pesky allergies make her suffer when she’s around the blooming flowers. She is the first one who gets really excited when we are planning a new adventure somewhere.

But also knew that may come with watering eyes, and a runny nose. No fun when you’re running around somewhere beautiful like this or on a long hike.

Needless to say it always slowed her down a bit (unlike her sisters who don’t suffer from allergies). Since I haven’t had much experience with it myself I was kinda’ at a loss when we first began traveling as to how to help her.

My husband has many of the same symptoms when out riding his bike during certain times of the year and Claritin helped him quite a bit. We thought we’d give Children’s Claritin a whirl to see if we could find some sort of allergy relief for her as well.

At first I wanted to make sure she wasn’t just suffering from a cold. You can use resources online like this Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit to help manage your child’s allergies.

seasonal allergy relief for kids

Best Allergy Medicine for Kids

That printout helped me:

  • Get a better understanding of how to manage allergies in children.
  • An allergy forecaster to track the pollen count in my area
  • Some differences between an allergy and a cold
  • Questions to help make sure I was asking the right questions when visiting the pediatrician
  • Tips on minimizing outdoor and indoor year-round allergies

I could tell her systems were exacerbated when we were outside and the seasons changed, that was apparent. It didn’t seem as though she was suffering from indoor allergies or pet allergies but just to be safe we added an air purifier to her room.

I will have to keep on top of steam cleaning the mattresses and carpeting in my car to help minimize those issues.

Finding some seasonal allergy relief for kids has not only helped her tremendously, but enabled all of us get out more as a family. Now we can explore new places without anything holding us back. Time for a new adventure!

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