Goldfish® crackers games

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When you look at a bag or box of Goldfish® crackers does it take you back to your childhood…I know they do for me! Riding my bike with friends holding a baggie full of those cheddar cracker snacks, the best times I tell you. 😉 Now that I am a Mom to 3, I buy Goldfish® crackers quite often to put them in lunches and just for snacking (yes I still love them)! Every once in awhile, especially if it is a lazy weekend or it’s yucky outside, we decide to get creative and we’ve come up with some fun Goldfish® crackers games we’d love to share with you.

Goldfish crackers

Isn’t this a FUN (and yummy) way to use Goldfish® crackers!!?? Well this is just one activity. Since it is close to Valentine’s Day we decided to create a heart but there are endless possibilities once you make these yummy treats. This is what you will need to make this salty ‘n’ sweet Goldfish® crackers treat!


Just take a quick trip to Walmart and pick up a few packages of Goldfish® crackers, I used pretzel and the colors variety for these Goldfish® cracker games. The 30 oz. containers here are our favorite because they open and close easily and have a spout so my girls can pour some in a baggie for snacking themselves. You will need some square pretzels as well which are in this same aisle, and I used 2 different colors of candy melts (light and dark blue), those can be found in the cake decorating department in the party section of Walmart. Now let’s get going!

Goldfish crackers games

First I wanted to make sure I had enough of each color when I made my heart so I laid out the square pretzels on my countertop and counted how many I needed for the outside and how many I would need to fill the inside. Then I planned accordingly when I laid the colored candy melts on top of each piece.

Goldfish crackers snacks

I decided to line the outside of our heart with light blue candy melts and purple Goldfish® crackers, and use dark blue for the inside with a different color cracker, but it is totally up to you, any way you do it they are delicious and fun to move around and make new pictures. Don’t fill your entire tray with these because the next step requires you to move quickly and you won’t be able to do much more than 40 or so at a time. Now preheat your oven for 250 degrees and put these in for just 2 minutes, not much longer.

Goldfish crackers salt n sweet snack.

When you take them out quickly press 1 Goldfish® cracker on to each colored candy melt. Don’t PUSH, just place one on top and tap gently so it sticks. The candy (chocolate) melt will begin to harden so you do want to move quickly. I allow my daughters to help with this part.

Goldfish crackers games and party snacks.

Now on to the next game that involves the crackers themselves and an “old fashioned” favorite….Tic Tac Toe! This is another one of our fun Goldfish® cracker games that is easy to incorporate into a sleepover, party, or rainy day activity because once you have the crackers all you need to do is print out this free Tic-Tac-Toe 3 in a row printable, cut in 4 pieces and you are ready to play!

goldfish game

I hope you enjoy our Goldfish® cracker games during an upcoming party or a rainy day at home, what is your favorite color or flavor??


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