Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

This crockpot macaroni and cheese recipe is the bomb! It is simple and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients which is just my style! I am all about meals that cook all by themselves and this one is super quick as well and my kids favorite. It’s great to cook for dinner or make a larger batch for a potluck or for when other families come over for dinner. Here’s how you make one of our favorite crockpot recipes. (originally published 12/15)

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crockpot macaroni and cheese recipe

To make my crockpot macaroni and cheese recipe you will need just a few ingredients (you probably already have them in your cupboard) and it’s quick to throw together. Unlike boxed macaroni and cheese this is richer and smoother than that and is fabulous the next day too. I have made this two different ways and am including both recipes in this post. One way tastes like if you made it totally homemade in the oven with the crispier edges of cheese on top and is a no boil macaroni and cheese recipe (which I love).

You can see how I made it here in this video:

The other uses canned cheddar cheese soup and comes out smoother and more like a velveeta textured mac and cheese. Both are good, just depends on your preference. The first version below you do NOT have to boil the noodles which makes it uber easy!!

Crockpot macaroni and cheese recipe

Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
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  • 2 cups uncooked macaroni noodles
  • 4 c. cheese (a mix of mozzerella or jack and sharp is best)
  • 1.5 c. Milk
  • 12 oz. evaporated milk
  • 2 tbsp. bacon bits (optional)
  • 2 eggs


  1. Pour milks and eggs in slow cooker. Pour noodles and 3 cups of your cheese in too and stir until mixed. Top with 1 cup cheese and bacon bits. Put cover on and cook for 5 hrs. on low or 2.5 on high. You don't want it to be overdone so check before these times using a toothpick to feel if noodles are done.

easy crockpot macaroni and cheese

Here’s a quick video showing how I made the second version (quite a while ago) using canned cheddar cheese soup, but boiled the noodles before putting them into the crockpot. It’s still pretty easy to make in your slow cooker, just a different variety. The recipe for this crockpot mac and cheese is below.  The first version I found on quite a while ago and modified it over time to what it is here as posted, the second I learned from my cousin and modified it over time as well. We hope you enjoy them both!

The second way to make crockpot macaroni and cheese is to boil 16 oz. of noodles and drain when they are about 1/2 way done, so yes they are al dente quite a bit (they will soften and if you put them in fully cooked they will get mushy). Throw the noodles (16 oz. or so, I used this whole box) in the crockpot on low (or 300 if you have one like mine here). Shred 2 cups of cheddar cheese and throw in, put in the whole can of cheddar cheese soup just like it is in the can, and 1 1/2 cups sour cream (you can use light). Cook this for an hour. After that hour pour 2 cups of milk in and stir, then allow it to cook about an hour more and it is done and delish!! You can just add everything together at once and cook for 2 hours and it turns out wonderful too.

crockpot macaroni and cheese

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