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Free Printable Sleepover Checklist

Free sleepover checklist printable you can use so nothing gets forgotten! Send this with your children complete with emergency phone numbers and all.  Oh how I remember the fun of sleepovers with my friends when I was growing up. I could’ve used something like this free printable sleepover checklist back then for sure! Special thanks …

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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Age appropriate chores for kids ages 3 – 18 as well as a free printable chore chart and stickers or completion markers to make doing chores more fun. When you teach kids responsibility by assigning chores they will become more productive and responsible adults. Parenting win. Chores are just a part of life (groan). Now …

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Indoor Play Activities Inspired By Nike PLAYlist

Here are 10 indoor play activities inspired By Nike PLAYlist. Fun homeschool exercises for kids at home they can do for PE, or together as a family to stay in shape. Requires NO expensive exercise equipment so anyone can participate. I’m a mother to 3 girls so Back to School has been an exciting time …

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