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How to Celebrate Milestones as a Family

Here are some ideas of how to celebrate milestones as a family when you have multiple children. Fun ways to bond as a family and as siblings.

celebrating milestones as a family

There are many times in a child’s life you can celebrate. If you have more than one child it is important to celebrate each child’s milestones as a family so everyone feels special, plus it’s a perfect opportunity for siblings to express appreciation and love toward one another too. Special thanks goes out to March of Dimes for sponsoring this post so we could share how to celebrate milestones as a family with you too.

Why it’s Important to Celebrate Milestones

This was the first family picture with our family complete, meaning we were done having children. You see my littlest one here, she completed us and was just 4 months old here.

Luckily all of my children were born healthy and I am so thankful for that because some families aren’t that lucky.

  • Milestone #1 that we all celebrate birthdays for all 3 of our girls. Each one was so different. With your first born it is all new, 1,000 pictures are taken, parties are thrown, and you spend hours upon hours creating detailed scrapbooks for them to keep one day.

Although you will surely mellow down once #2 arrives, it is important to take individual pictures and keepsakes for each child for them to look back on someday.


What Milestones Do People Celebrate

  1. First day at school or a new job
  2. Birthdays
  3. Promotions
  4. Awards
  5. Large birthdays; 18, 21, 40, 50, 60…
  6. Holidays

This is by far my favorite milestone and moment from my youngest child, Halloween! I just want to squeeze those sweet cheeks again. 😉 At the time you’re sure you will remember that moment in time. Although I remember that house, that hallway, and buying that costume, I would have forgotten much of it had I not snapped this picture I will always treasure.

Child #2 (and those thereafter) bring different milestones and discoveries beyond birthdays and first steps. The firsts that occur with them as they bond with one another are really important milestones as well. 

  • These are “my littlest” girls. Ok so they aren’t so little anymore at 8 & 9 years old but they will still be “my littles” probably forever.
how to celebrate milestones as a family

Around the time this photo was taken was the moment they really connected with one another as sisters and began to laugh and enjoy one another’s company.

As an only child I probably focus on these moments more than others because I did not and will never have the connection my girls have with one another. The first time they laughed together, splashed in mud puddles together. These milestones stand out just as important as birthdays do.

Why do you celebrate milestones

Because they create memories, here are some things you can do together.

  • Take pictures
  • Video tape the moment(s)
  • Dance together
  • Have a party
  • Clap
  • Sing a song (make up a special family song only your family knows)
  • Make a special recipe or a fun dessert. If it’s a holiday make a holiday treat
  • Give presents
  • Bake something special (and/or bake together)

Milestones are special whether they are for a child’s birth, or the first kind word your child said to another. March of Dimes wants all children to reach each and every important milestone, and to be born healthy and happy.  What special milestone stands out in your mind?

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