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Mathematics APP for Kindergarteners

Zap Zap Math is a great Mathematics APP for Kindergarteners or kids of any age to play and practice their Math skills all throughout the year!

zap zap math

If you have a little one at home who loves fun games on their iPad or tablet, this Mathematics APP for Kindergarteners is really fun! This free Math app provides practice for those entering, in, or just love learning games. Special thanks goes out to Zap Zap Math for sponsoring this post so we could share their APP with you.

Math Apps for Kindergarten and First Grade

I have three girls who yes love to play games. Especially on long road trips or traveling during the summertime, I like for them to practice even the most basic math skills. This is a great site your kids can enjoy too.

It is just one of the many free educational websites I have found and shared over the years.

mathematics app for kindergarteners

One thing that is great about this Mathematics APP for Kindergarteners is that they offer a free plan. Your kids can access 20 great educational games online at no cost. Just the $2.99 to download it initially is your only cost. For under $10 a month they can access up to 100 premium games too and have a wide array to choose from.

Math Training for Kids

The system automatically scales and tracks the child’s performance as they play. Tailoring the games just for them and the level they are on currently. Mirroring US Common Core principals, Zap Zap Math, it focuses on 3 key areas.

  • Number Recognition
  • Plus and Minus
  • Shapes and Measurement
zip zap math

As you can see there are fun elements to every game and they are continually challenged with new questions which unlock or display something new and exciting when they do. Congratulations and virtual awards are given when a level has been completed or game has been completed successfully.

Math Games for Kids

Designed specifically for Kindergarteners, my daughter is a bit older but still found it fun to play! You can download Zap Zap Math in the APP Store or on Google Play right now and try it out!

Looking for more learning activities? We have a bunch of Kindergarten free printables here as well as sight word coloring sheets little ones love too.

Free Mathematics APP for Kindergarteners

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.