Baked bone in chicken thighs

I always see great deals on chicken thighs at the store, but never quite know what to do with them. The other day I decided I was just going to figure out an easy way to make baked bone in chicken thighs that we all would like, and I definitely should’ve done it much sooner! They were delicious.

baked bone in chicken thighs recipe

I’m all about a one pot meal. We are a busy family and anything I can throw together and only clean one pot or pan at the end of the day….I’m all about! I don’t know why I veered away from chicken thighs, maybe it is because my mom never really cooked them when I was a kid and I was unfamiliar with them for that reason. I frequently cook whole chickens in the oven and eat the thighs then, but never picked up a package at the store until today.

baked bone in chicken thighs

I use a cast iron skillet. If you don’t have one or have never used one they are fabulous (and not just for Grandmas anymore). You can find a cast iron skillet similar to mine here (affiliate link). Throw it on the stove, then transfer it to the oven, and you can cook it all in just one pan….my kinda’ cooking! First you want to add some olive oil to your pan (olive oil is your friend for this easy chicken thigh recipe). Then put your thighs (by themselves) in the pan and cook on low so they brown just a bit on the bottom. Then add your veggies, throw it in the oven and the whole thing is done in about 30 minutes start to finish! Here’s the entire recipe.

Baked bone in chicken thighs

Baked bone in chicken thighs
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  • 6 bone in chicken thighs (can use boneless, but will take a bit less time to cook)
  • 1/4 c. olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced/diced
  • salt
  • oregano
  • 4-5 large mushrooms
  • handful of cherry tomatoes


  1. Put about 3-4 tbsp. of olive oil in your cast iron skillet with the mined garlic on low. Place chicken thighs in the pan and cook for about 10 minutes. Quarter your mushrooms and put in a bowl with about 3-4 tbsp. of olive oil, pinch of salt, and oregano and toss until lightly coated. After 10 minutes in skillet add mushrooms and cherry tomatoes around chicken and place in oven at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes or until top of chicken skin is lightly browned and chicken thighs are cooked thru. Serve!!

Seriously, you can just transfer the whole skillet full of food right into the preheated oven, then when done just put a trivet on the table and serve right in the pan. It looks pretty that way anyway quite frankly AND it makes it so much easier, so it’s a win win in my book. Super easy chicken thigh recipe to make and very few ingredients. If you love our easy baked bone in chicken thighs you should try our easy chicken soup in the crockpot too.


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  1. This looks amazing. I have been looking for meals like this that I can make in my new le Creuset braiser. Thanks!

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