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Penny Prints from Snapfish

Penny prints from Snapfish are back! I know you’re behind on printing photos (so am I) so take advantage of this Snapfish coupon code so you can catch up!

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Penny prints from Snapfish is back! They introduced their newest APP that is super convenient to click and print pictures right off your phone + right now they are offering 100 prints for just a buck using the code below!! They always have great deals for photo prints, calendars and photo books which I love. Here are the promo codes below to use. (originally published 11/16)

I personally prefer to get on my desktop and pull all the photos I need into the system and print them from there, but you can use your phone too if you take all your pictures on mobile.

Penny Prints from Snapfish

Here are the codes to use for Penny prints from Snapfish

  • Get penny prints up to 100 of them for $1.00  just use the code OCT100PNY at checkout
  • OR Save 60% on all orders including personalized gifts, photo calendars, and more with the code 18OCT60 at checkout

I know you’re guilt of falling behind when it comes to developing pictures….I always am!

This is what I do so my photos are organized once these penny prints from Snapfish deals come around:

  1. Create a folder in your photo library called Develop (or whatever you want to call it)
  2. When you upload your photos drag the ones you’ll want to develop into this album (it doesn’t erase them from all your photos, it just creates a duplicate image in your folder – that is what mine does)
  3. When penny prints come around
    1. Go to your Develop folder
    2. Highlight all the images
    3. Drag them to your desktop
    4. Open Snapfish and click on the size you want to develop (4×6 is typical for putting them into photo albums)
    5. Then click on upload photos
    6. Highlight all, or you may need to hold down your command button and click on all the photos you want
    7. Then click on how many of each you want
    8. Add to your cart
    9. Use the Snapfish coupon code above
    10. Check out and know your memories will be in print forever
    11. Then don’t forget to put them into a cute photo album when you get them in the mail (no need to pick them up, they’ll be shipped right to your home!)
snapfish coupon code

Here are a couple other resources for finding cheap prints and personalized gifts:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.