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Photo Blanket Customized Blanket with Photos

Get a deal on the best photo blanket right here for under $10 that are regularly over $100. Great gift for idea for Grandmas or Moms with photos.

Customized Blanket with Photos

This customized photo blanket is one of the best things I’ve ever ordered! I actually ordered 1 for each of my girls a few years ago thru a Groupon deal and hoped they would turn out well and they did!! They are such cute gifts, especially for Mother’s Day/Christmas or for a Grandma who has lots of grandkids. I created one of these one year for my Grandmother and for my Mother in Law too. Just upload photos and create a blanket with photos on it and it is so cute!! (affiliate links present, originally published 8/17))

Customized Blanket with Photos

  • Grab a customized photo blanket starting at $8.99 (here’s one I made for my family, different company, same idea) on Groupon here.
  • If they are out you can order a customized blanket with photos here.

You can see another version below. You can choose the background color(s) and how many pictures are on each one.

Photo Blanket deal.
photo via

Best Photo Blanket

I grabbed three of these deals last Christmas and you can see how cute it came out above! This is one for my oldest daughter. You just upload a bunch of photos off your computer, drag and drop them into the system, you can add their name to the blanket if you want, choose the color of border you want (I chose this patterned black one you see), and they ship it to you!

Not only is it just the cutest thing ever but it is SUPER soft too. Mine have them in the loft and cuddle up with them we are having family movie night, or I use them when it is chilly up there. I can’t say that everything I’ve ordered online has come out great but I will attest to the fact that these were a huge success and so inexpensive to create too.

Photo Collage Blanket

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Debbie Lindsey

Thursday 15th of December 2022

How does one place an order for a photo blanket?

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