February Cleaning Checklist

Welcome!! I created a January purge list a few weeks ago and it was so successful, and so many people asked me to create others for each month throughout the year, I decided to do a February cleaning checklist for this month! I focus on one room / area this month to really dig in deep to clean and purge those areas. Next month I will focus on another room and/or area so it’s broken down a bit and may include some things you might forget otherwise. I hope you enjoy this free printable cleaning list, and you can find all the other organization printables for each month here too. 😉

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february cleaning checklist

I focused on the kitchen in February, mainly the fridge/freezer and a bit in the laundry room as well. A bit of purging is always useful as well, getting rid of the outdated, stained, and damaged things around the house. I’m sure I am not the only one who gets overwhelmed and doesn’t take the time to purge as necessary, so sometimes having a list of things to do and check off when done is helpful, as well as cathartic seeing all those checks meaning “done”! (affiliate links present to help you locate items, doesn’t cost you anymore to purchase thru these links)

February cleaning checklist

Print out your February cleaning checklist, (I also have a black and white February cleaning list here if you need a more printer friendly version). Here are a few things on the list I will explain a bit further:

  • Wrap shelves in Press N Seal – If you’ve never done this it is helpful! After you clean and dry your shelves use a sheet of Press N Seal to cover the top of your shelf, or if your shelf will allow you to wrap the whole thing all the way around and still slide it back in just wrap the whole thing starting on the top making sure it sticks flat without air pockets and around the sides. This will make it nice especially if there are spills. Just empty the shelf, pul the Press N Seal wrap off, replace, and you can eliminate or really prolong scrubbing the shelf again! Clean the shelves on the inside of your fridge door, seen below, and then put it on the bottom of those too so milk spillage etc… can be cleaned up easier.
  • Clean lint out of dryer hose – Yes you should always empty the lint trap on the inside of your dryer but the hose in the back of the dryer needs cleaning out too! Did you know you could start a fire if that hose got completely filled will dryer lint? It’s actually pretty easy to clean out. My husband used our leaf blower to clear the hose out and it was amazing how much came out! Just detach the dryer hose from the back of the dryer and blow the air in, the lint will fly out of the dryer vent on the side of your house. Then just clean it up from there and discard. Good to do at least once a year.
  • Combine like laundry detergent – Of course never mix chemicals, I’m talking about combining half boxes of dry Tide detergent etc..into 1 container.
  • Cleaning the inside of your washing machine – Always good to do a few times a year. You can use this washing machine cleaner, pretty inexpensive and comes with several which will last you a while.
  • Keep an extra laundry bin in the laundry room. When clothing that you know no longer fits your children comes out of the dryer throw it in this basket. When it is full, empty it into a garbage bag and drop it off at your local donation center (helps you purge)!

** If you missed my other cleaning checklists here’s a link to all of my monthly organization printables. I will add each month as time goes on so at the end of the year there’s one for each month…plus a lot more! **


february free printable cleaning checklist

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