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We love sharing easy smoker recipes here on The Typical Mom! Whether you have an electric smoker or pellet grill and smoker we have the best recipes for you. From side dishes to smoking meats of all kinds, we try it all year round.

If you haven’t smoked meat yet and are a beginner we share step by step instructions everyone can follow. You can follow along and learn how to use your grill the best way possible.

Best Smoker Recipes

Easy Smoker Recipes

We have instructional videos included too like in our post for smoked baked potatoes!

Wondering what the best home smoker is, we have two and share the differences of both. Whether you’re an expert looking for something new or just starting to use your barbecue smoker we can help!

Traeger Chicken Quarters Smoked

This leg and thigh chicken quarters smoked Traeger recipe come out great. Marinated first you’ll get tender meat with flavorful skin you can crisp. Smoked Traeger chicken quarters are to die for. Whether you use our smoked chicken brine or just season with salt and pepper you will get smoky meat with tons of flavor. …

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