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Best Scarves

Looking for the best scarves to buy or free scarf patterns so you can make a few yourself, well we have the cutest scarves around to choose from!

Best ScarvesI am a sucker for the best scarves when it comes to snow season, which is now!! We lived in CA. for years and years but recently moved to snowy ID. and love rocking the winter gear now. Scarves can really dress up an outfit, show your personality, and allow you to change up your ordinary attire to something absolutely adorable, for adults and kids.

If you love to snow we have free scarf patterns for you to choose from and download, if you are very un crafty like me and opt to buy your cuteness then I am here to share the cutest scarf designs out there that work for women and children alike. We have chunky knit scarf patterns here, as well as simple scarf knitting patterns that my friends (who are extremely crafty) have offered for free for you and your fam bam.

Here are the best scarves this season, let me know if you have a fave we should add to our list!

  1. Here’s a basic how to sew a scarf tutorial to get you started
  2. Easy DIY loom scarf
  3. How to make a ruffled style – free pattern
  4. Arm knitting infinity
  5. DIY Winter scarf

This is my favorite one and how to gift wine bottles in a scarf!


  1. Bunny knit pattern
  2. DIY sweater hat, gloves
  3. Blanket flannel with fringe

These are great gifts for girls of all ages too!

Best Scarves 2

Don’t you love bulky ones that are bright colors??!! Throw one on with a black shirt, jeans and boots and it brightens you up for a holiday party. I love having accessories that allow me to buy simple outfits but change it up with just one thing.

  • If you have a lot of styles from years past that might be outdated, treat yourself to a new one this year and use our clearing clutter in your home printable to get rid of the old and make room for a few new pieces….you deserve it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.