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Why I Always ASK

Tips on saving money at retail stores and grocery stores and why I always ask at the register to get coupons and deals that the employees know about.

tips on saving money

I am sure I am like most mothers, in a hurry! I want the best for my kids, try to save money, sometimes find it hard to speak up when I want something. That is why I always ask. Over the years I learned that my husband was right about one thing. (I know Gasp!). He says you don’t G-E-T unless you A-S-K.

It always worked well for him in his line of business, and should for me too he said.

Well, after hearing this over and over when I complained about something not being fair, overpaying, or not getting what I really wanted at the end of the day I gave it a try. Years later I give the same advice to others..”you don’t G-E-T unless you A-S-K!” Here is what I mean..

tips on saving money

When you are at a retail store do you always have a coupon before walking in??? You might, but maybe not. Most of the time I don’t walk into a retail location whether it be a Kohl’s, Target, or somewhere in the mall if I don’t have a coupon.

There are times when new socks and essentials are needed and I do go in empty handed (Gasp! again). I always start shopping in the clearance section. Then I move on to the other aisles if I don’t find what I need.

Once you reach the register ALWAYS A-S-K for a coupon….seriously!! Here is how it goes generally: “Hello, how are you today?” Me: “Well thank you” (rings up all items) Me: “I couldn’t find a coupon today, do you have one for me to use today?” (usually is taken back a bit, sure most people don’t ask)

  • “Well yes I have this ……% off coupon you could use” Me: “That would be great thank you!” THAT is how it is done! I would say that 90% of the time I’ve done this I have received a coupon of some sort to save me a % off my entire bill for that transaction. Now I can get more of my favorite things.
how to save money at the grocery store

The same holds true at grocery stores, yet in a slightly different way. The way to save money at the grocery store by asking is at the register. The key is to Pay Attention to the screen! My biggest suggestion is to shop without your kids, if possible, use coupon tips, and always buy items on sale on top of that (post here about that) .

The next biggest component to saving money at the grocery store is to pay attention to the prices while you’re shopping and verify that the correct price comes up on the register screen. If your vitamins differ from what you remember then A-S-K the clerk to check.

  • MANY times I have caught big errors when they are scanning my items. Once I had bacon come up as $6.49 when it was in a bin clearly marked on sale for $1.99 & I grabbed 3. If I hadn’t caught that error I would have overpaid by almost $15.00 on my total bill!

Sometimes it is a sale item that isn’t coming up with the sale price. Sometimes it is an item that looked like it was on sale but really the item next to it was the one on sale. Either way it takes you to catch the error and speak up.

This is why I always ask! * TRY IT * Hopefully this will be a smart way to save money for you too! If you do this with your kids, they will learn to do it too. Have discussions with them about the money saving apps you use and how saving pennies will help them when they’re older.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.