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4th of July Color by Number

4th of July color by number or Memorial Day color by number pages are here! Free printables that are fun for kids both boys and girls for each holiday.

4th of July Color by Number

Are you ready for the upcoming patriotic holidays? Both are close together so it would be appropriate to offer both here. Red white and blue color by numbers work for either and fun for all. If you love color by number free printables we have a ton to choose from on The Typical Mom blog. (affiliate links present, originally published 5/22)

Fourth of July Color by Number

We have been working on a lot of free printables for kids lately. You see I was a Teacher back in the day and as you can imagine budgets are small. Many times if we wanted to create a fun center time for the kids we had to fund it. SO finding coloring sheets like these that didn’t cost me a dime were life savers.

Now that I’m a blogger I remember back to those times when special days come upon us and try to create something that everyone can enjoy. You can find others on our free holiday printables page here as well. This free 4th of July color by number printable is just one of many.

fourth of July Color by Number

Fourth of July Coloring Pages

Since both of these are featured I went ahead and changed the heading of the top two to 4th of July, they are linked below. If you want the same ones to say Memorial Day instead, click on the link below that features all 4 sheets.

The bottom one is most appropriate for the May holiday I think as it’s a soldier coloring page. If you wanted to use it for something else like a birthday party or something you could white out the name of the holiday and then make multiple copies from there.

Memorial Day Color by Number

Time needed: 5 minutes

Color by Number 4th of July

  1. Print

    I have two that say 4th of July on them at the top. If you just print all of them it will say Memorial Day. The first is at the top, you can download that red white and blue color by number sheet here. The second is above for a stars color by number sheet for the fourth.

    If you want to print all 4 of the Memorial Day color by number click this blue link. They are all appropriate for both holidays.

  2. Color

    Use crayons or colored pencils ideally to follow the code at the bottom of each sheet to color accordingly.

4th of July Color Sheets

All of them are fun coloring activities for kids with patriotic colors. We recommend not using markers to color the picture as they bleed thru and can get a bit messy. Instead use Smencils to complete this fun printable July activity for kids.

Memorial Day Color By Number

Independence Day Coloring Pages

A great way to celebrate when you have family and/or friends over to your house and need something fun for the kids to do. It incorporates practicing number recognition and fine motor skills too as they color between the lines and follow instructions.

Choose which one or many color by number worksheets you’d like and share them with your friends too. For a craft idea you can check out our 4th of july crafts roundup here. I like to use household items like egg cartons etc. to create fun so it doesn’t cost you much at all.

Our red white and blue desserts are inexpensive to make too and everyone loves the strawberries.

4th of July Color Sheets

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.