15 Minute Mongolian Beef


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My husband and I love going out to eat but many times what we’d love even more is to spend a quiet night in, while still enjoying that yummy meal in the comfort of our own home. If you’ve ever had mongolian beef you know just how amazing it is, and dumplings too….a perfect combo I know. Pair those with me in my jammies, watching a movie with my hubby, and oh I am in heaven! It’s totally possible and you can make everything in less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Check out this amazingly authentic 15 minute Mongolian Beef and dumplings meal you can make right at home.

15 minute mongolian beef

Occasionally we do get an opportunity to spend some time together without the kiddos (thank you Grandma) and a quiet evening of uninterrupted conversation is kinda’ what we need to reconnect. I do like cooking but at times like this I’d rather spend time talking or watching a movie together while we enjoy our meal so having everything ready in 15 minutes is perfect.  If you’ve never tried one of P.F. Chang’s Home Menu dishes they really do include lots of crisp vibrant vegetables, bold sauces, and smell incredible!

mongolian beef

There are several skillet meals to choose from including Chicken Fried Rice, Beef & Broccoli, Orange Chicken and Chang’s Chicken. P.F. Chang’s Home Menu also just launched Family Size Orange Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice skillet meals so we can enjoy it with the kids during the week when things are hectic and we’re in need of a quick and delicious meal!

15 Minute Mongolian Beef

easy mongolian beef recipe

P.F. Chang’s Home Menu offers restaurant-quality and authentic Asian food at home and in no time at all, and just this month their family size skillet meals arrived in stores (in the freezer section) so you can enjoy the same great taste of their home menu items for 2, but now they’ll feed your whole family! We’re trying the Orange Chicken next. 😉 You can find more information about P.F. Chang’s Home Menu items on their website for more Wok Wednesday inspiration visit www.pinterest.com/pfchomemenu!

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pf changs mongolian beef

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