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Top Toys for Kids This Year

Here are the top toys for kids this year & what they’ll hate finding under the tree this year! What girls and boys really want on Christmas Day that’s fun!

top toys for kids this year

Are you having trouble thinking of what kids really want, especially if you’re an aunt or an uncle and don’t have any kids yourself yet. Well here are the top toys for kids this year according to my three munchkins. 😉 So every year we take a trip to Walmart so my kids can look at what is new, what is cool, and what they want to put on their Christmas list this year. This year was no exception! Sponsored by Mirum.

There are always NEW and exciting toys they want. Electronics are top on the list. I always make a mental note of what makes them the most excited while we’re in the store.

Let me tell you what they went crazy over, and the mistake I’ve made in the past that made them SO upset on Christmas Day. Special thanks goes out Mirum for sponsoring this post so we could share out top list of toys with you this year.

Let the shopping commence!!

top toys for kids this year 2

I have three girls, but that doesn’t mean they stick to the doll aisle…they love remote control cars and pretty much anything that needs batteries nowadays!! My husband lucks out too in this case because he’s all about making ramps and jumping the newest vehicle out that year…so I guess it’s a win win for everyone….that is if I remember to buy the batteries they need and include them with their gift (eeeeek, made that mistake in the past…I wouldn’t recommend doing that).

After they show me what they’d like I head back to Walmart the next day to pick up a few of them to wrap and put under the tree.

So as to NOT forget again I make sure I check each box to see what type of batteries each one needs. That way there’s no disappointment when they open their RC trak attack or ProReaper car!

top toys for kids this year 4

Now that they are older they get fewer things under the tree but that doesn’t seem to bother them one bit….as long as the one they really, really, really want is there. 😉

  • With ages 9-17 to buy for it is almost exclusively electronic items, okay that is what Dad wants too…so needless to say we stock up on batteries every time there’s a great deal like this one.
top toys for kids this year 3

This is a list of the 10 top toys for kids this year according to my kiddos:

  1. Remote control cars
  2. A camera
  3. Karaoke machine
  4. A bike
  5. Electric scooter
  6. Drone
  7. Walking dog on a leash (toy, not alive, lol)
  8. Baby doll that comes to life with a button
  9. Dollhouse with working doorbell and elevator
  10. These are the best summer toys they want year round

** Caution. Don’t make the mistake I did and not attach the correct size and # of needed batteries to the front. Your kids will HATE finding that under the tree ** 😉

Christmas….done with success!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.