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Photo Locations in Temecula

Here’s a list of the best photo locations in Temecula for families, engagements or Senior photos. Where to go for an outside photo shoot in the area.

Photo Locations in Temecula

We always take a family picture around this time of year. I like to use different photo locations in Temecula each time. I’m always in search of a new pose or background. The following have known to be great! (originally published 2/12)

Personally, I believe the more natural the shot the better, especially with kids. First you’ll want to choose one of the great Temecula photographers.

Chalkboards are fun to use to write your family’s name, that is a baby is coming, or anything else. You can find them at JoAnn’s craft store & are pretty inexpensive.

  • I bought 3 small ones, used acrylic paint (at JoAnn’s) to paint the bare wood frame red, & used a white paint pen instead of chalk (so it wouldn’t smudge) to write Merry Christmas 2012 for a family picture.
the typical mom

It makes it a little more unique. I suggest you make your own props & bring them with you to get the outcome you desire! Also, get in your family photos Mom and Dad. You’ll want to look back at ALL of you together some day.

Photo locations in Temecula

  • Old Town Temecula (many locations around there)
  • Wine Country is amazing
  • Waterfall in RedHawk
  • Harveston Lake Park
  • Live Oak Park is in Fallbrook
  • Peltzer Farm has great vintage trucks to stand by

Santa Rosa Plateau – there’s a huge red barn there if you want that

Santa Rosa Plateau
  • Vineyards / Wineries – call ahead of time, many require a fee but it’s beautiful
  • Rose Haven rose gardens
  • Humphreys Estate
  • Outside your high school if you both graduated locally, on the football field would be fun
  • Promenade Temecula 
  • Peltzer Farms (there is a fee)

Of course there are great photo locations in Orange County and San Diego as well. I would suggest using somewhere no further than Murrieta though.

It will keep your stress level down to not have to travel far, you never know how traffic will be!

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Sunday 16th of August 2020

Where is the Red Barn located at Santa Rosa?


Friday 1st of May 2020

Do you have any specific locations in old town temecula that you like for photos? It's my son's 16th birthday and I'd like to take some good photos for him. Thanks!


Saturday 2nd of May 2020

Next to the community theater they have a wooden walkway and the building is red brick. It makes a nice setting. And then the bridge is tight next to it.

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