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Math Fact Games

Here is how you can make your own spelling and math fact games at home. They are easy to make, inexpensive, and a fun way to practice math facts. Great way to repurpose old games to practice addition or multiplication. Fun for all ages.

math fact game

I was a teacher for many years but when I had daughter #2 I stopped teaching and started tutoring. In order to save money, I created fun learning activities, and these math fact games. Then I could bring them with me to help my students learn with math games. (originally published 10/13)

DIY Math Games

Here are the changes I made in order to create a flash card game that was FUN to play! You can use it with addition, subtraction or multiplication flash cards, here is what it looks like, directions are below.

DIY Math Games

Homemade Math games

  • Chutes and Ladders game board (could use Candy Land as well)
  • Spinner from game (can use extra die for this if it’s missing)
  • Pair of dice (I used blank stickers to put #s on ea. side for younger players)
  • Flash Cards (any type, can make own with 3×5 cards)
  • Place Holders (any place holders will work, can borrow Monopoly pieces)
  • Sharpie Marker
Homemade Math games

DIY Math Games for 3rd grade

Spelling Games and make a multiplication fortune tellers are fun too.

  1. Use a Sharpie Marker and mark on every other box or so a task that needs to be done if your marker lands on that square. These are the tasks I used
  2. Draw a card (draw a flash card, must answer both sides)
  3. You or Next person rolls dice (whomever has to roll 2 die they either + – or X the two numbers on the die together and say the answer, if it’s wrong they roll again)
  4. Roll 1 die and add, subtract or multiply (your choice) by 3 (can use any # you like)
  5. Draw 2 cards (flash cards, must answer both sides, if wrong they draw another 1)
  6. Draw a card & go back 1 space (create any other combo you like to make it fun)

If you have older kids in the room you could give them our free Pi Day activities including coloring sheets and talk about 3.14.

Repurpose old games

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.