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Free Printable Pi Day Activities

I have a few fun and free PI Day activities here including color by number coloring pages for kids. Whether you’re a Math Teacher or parent these printables are free and perfect for the classroom or home. We have offered a ton of free color by number pages on our site and just keep adding more.

Pi Day Activities

We should celebrate Pi Day and all the other odd holidays when we have kids right? That is where Pi Day coloring pages and crafts come into play. Just one of the many free holiday printables we offer here on our blog. (affiliate links present)

Happy Pi Day

What is Pi anyway right? Well if you are here you likely know and want to find a way to have fun with 3.14…… We actually celebrate this on March 14 every single year for a specific reason. It is that day since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant figures of π. Maybe a little fact you didn’t know and can now walk away with. 😉

There are other things you can teach kids on this day like how to calculate PI, the symbol of it and how to make it, I mean they don’t have to be boring either. Do them standing up, standing on one foot, with music on so they remember all the fun Pi Day activities you do that day together.

Since you’re here I know you are looking for all the free printables for kids you can find. I add more each week so make sure you bookmark the blue link above and check back often.

First you should subscribe to our free newsletter to get more via. email too. Feel free to print one or as many as you like for rainy day activities that boys and girls will all enjoy! Here are our favorite items to use on coloring pages, word searches and color by number printables;

  • Smencils colored pencils are by far the most fun and vibrant shades ever.
  • With kids I prefer that they have a smaller box of crayons so there are fewer choices, but enough. 😉

Pi Day Jokes

After you share that bit of knowledge you might want to integrate some laughter into the day too. Here are a few jokes all ages might enjoy;

  1. What did PI say to it’s sweetheart? – You look radian today!
  2. Why did all the other numbers avoid conversations with Pi at the party? – Because he went on and on and on …….
  3. How many bakers does it take to bake a Pi? – 3.14
  4. What are the official sea creatures for this special day? – Octopi

Maybe you have heard some yourself that you can share below so we can add it to our list here….. Below is the link to our free printables for pi day you can grab. Make it a Math activity or just for fun to celebrate the day. You can teach about what it is and have them write the digit of pi on the back a few times to practice.

Have students measure things in the room to find the closest to 3.14 inches long, talk about irrational numbers and what that all means. If you want to integrate a treat you could have pizza and cut it into enough pieces to serve 3.14 people…and how you would figure that out.

Pi Day Color by Number

Pi Day Color by Number

There are 8 different sheets to choose from or you can print them all. It is great for number recognition worksheets or matching basically. Color by number is another name for it. If you wanted to make a math color by number out of it you could white out the spots. Put problems in there with answers at the top and photo copy that way.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Pi Day Coloring Pages

  1. Print

    You can use this link for all of the Pi Day Activity Sheets to print one or all of the to make a booklet for students.

  2. Color

    Colored pencils or crayons are best to use so markers don’t seep thru to the backside. If you wanted to reuse them, laminate sheets and use wet erase markers instead.

If you only wanted one of these you can do that. Click on the same blue link and let it pop up in a new browser. Then click file, print, change all next to pages to custom and below that designate which one you want. You could choose 2 and print back to back too to save on paper.

Happy Pi Day

Pi day craft

If you want a craft for Pi Day you can find how to make this one below here. You could make it as simple as a Kindergartener would need or more complex on graphing paper as a High School student or adult might enjoy. You could make it like an algebra worksheet where they find the points on the X and Y axis and connect that way.

pi day craft

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