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Multiplication Fortune Teller Game

How to make this paper multiplication fortune teller game at home. Great math game to practice math facts and make it fun.

fortune teller

I have 3 daughters. My oldest moaned and groaned when she hit 3rd grade and had to learn her multiplication tables. Now my 2nd daughter is in 3rd grade and oh boy the complaining is back again! Here is how you make a multiplication fortune teller game to make math facts fun.

What does a fortune teller look like?

I thought of another fun way to engage her in practicing her math facts and recreated an “old” game from when I was in School to make learning her times tables a bit more fun.

  • Remember making fortune tellers?? These are cheap and fun foldable papers that yes can now be used to practice math facts.
Making a paper fortune teller.

Especially if you’re a woman I’m sure you remember making these fun fortune tellers in School. They are REALLY easy to do but if you’ve forgotten over the years. Above is a video of my daughter making one in less than a minute.

Here’s a few pictures of step by step how you can make some of these at home to practice math facts. They can be used for multiplication, addition, or subtraction facts.

paper fortune teller

First fold your paper into a square and cut off the extra end. Then fold all four points into the middle and flip the paper over. Next, fold all four points in to the center again.

math facts game

Your paper fortune teller will now look like this and your fingers will slide into the openings on the back side of what you see here.

Put problems on either side with the answer underneath. Use pencil so they can’t see thru the paper.

fortune teller game

It has just enough spots for practicing the main one digit facts they will use most. Just make one fortune teller for each number they are practicing. It is a really inexpensive way to make math facts fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.