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Learning LeapFrog LeapTV Review

Take a look at LeapFrog LeapTV and games offered to learn all about Math and letter recognition. Great learning games played on the TV.

leapfrog review

I have said time and time again how much I love LeapFrog! We are fortunate enough to be part of a group of families who are able to do LeapFrog reviews to share our experiences with you. My kids are still love their Leapfrog EPIC tablet we received recently. Now want to show you how much fun the LeapFrog LeapTV is. Special thanks goes out to LeapFrog for providing this to us.

Leapfrog LeapTV

You can find the LeapTV on sale here as well as LeapTV games here!

We have so many LeapFrog learning products and games and my girls just can’t get enough. This LeapTV was something new as our other goodies were handheld devices.

This one is played on the television and gets them moving! With 4 fun learning games focusing on different subjects they were ready to see what they could do with each one of them.

LeapTV review

LeapTV Video Games

We got 4 fantastic games along with our LeapTV to test out. Doodle Craft, Blaze, Frozen, and Letter Factory is what they reviewed. Each one focuses on a different subject as you can see. They are appropriate for a specific age range. Some were for 4-7 (but even at 7 and 9 they had fun). Others were for a bit older. Here is a peek of Doodle Craft, Frozen, and the Blaze games!

Frozen: Focusing on ages 4-7 this game can be played solo or with a friend. Puts math skills in motion, and offers 5 fun filled games too.

Doodle Craft: Designed for children ages 4-7 this game is filled with a world they can customize with Mr. Pencil™. Design the ultimate island destination, paint buildings, sort, has memory games, and tons of art tools.

LeapTV Educational Gaming System

Blaze Monster Dome: Designed to focus on Math (STEM) skills for children ages 3-5. Has number recognition, physical science, and problem solving games. Incorporates building their own race track, stunts, and gets kids up and moving.

  • Letter Factory: Focusing on ages 3-5 it’s a great way to teach letter recognition. Practices shapes and sounds of each letter are great. The learning adapts to each child’s level for just the right challenge.
  • I can’t tell you how much I love all the Letter Factory games and DVDs offered from LeapFrog!

There are so many games to play on each one there is no way to show you everything. My kids loved that there was movement involved in many of the games/activities. Yes sometimes they have a hard time sitting still.

leaptv video games

LeapFrog Video Games

As you can see there are only really 3 pieces to the LeapTV. It comes with the device that you put the games in, the camera on top of the television, and the controller.

The camera on top allows them to be seen as in this Frozen jewelry game. They wave their hands to the correct location of the answer. It’s small which is nice, and easy to hook up.

The LeapTV and games are great gift ideas for the holiday season….fun all year long! We love Leapfrog Leapstart too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.