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Temecula Special Needs Park and Splash Pad

Temecula special needs park and splash pad is great for all kids and abilities. Located near the mall it also had a free water feature to play in and is gated for security.

Temecula special needs park

It looks like the Temecula Special Needs Park is complete and open!! I shared a proposed plan and picture of the park last year and according to The City of Temecula this project on Margarita Road and now have pictures to share with you! (originally published 6/15)

Temecula Splash Pad

What a great idea and creation for the children in Temecula and Murrieta with special needs. Not only will it provide accessible equipment for them to play and swing on, but there is a Splash Pad too!!

  • It is called Temecula Eagle Soar Park and Splash Pad. Although it was designed with special needs children in mind it is open to everyone.

This was created after an article in The Valley News. Now you can see here what it has become! I was surprised at just how big it is! It is surrounded by a nice gated fence so little ones cannot “escape”.

Benches are all around for parents to sit and chat. There is a splash pad area for water fun and hands on experiences right in the middle of it too! Here are the rules of what is allowed and not allowed at this park.

Special needs park Temecula

Temecula special needs park

The Temecula special needs park resides at 29119 Margarita Rd. right next to Temecula Elementary School (on the same side of the street). You really can’t miss it with the bright yellow equipment and big umbrellas you see here.

There are bathrooms right next to it, and what looks to be a skate park down the hill. There are swings adapted for special needs children to strap them in. Ramps go up to the equipment as well as small stairs so all children can play together!

Temecula splash pad

Temecula parks

This is a picture of the splash pad area which is great! The other splash pad that most of us frequented before is at Lake Skinner. You can see about that Temecula splash pad here.

It will be nice to have one a bit closer even though it is a bit smaller. 😉 It looks like it has a sprinkler tower, water that comes up from the ground. A flowing water table to the left here where it flows from the purple apparatus down to the aqua tub. Have you been yet???

The Eagle Soar Temecula splash pad and park is closed on Tuesdays from 3-5. This gives smaller groups of families an opportunity to enjoy it with less people.

If you would like to sign up to participate you must register here thru the City of Temecula. Enter the code below for the session you want (ages 5-12). Just set up a profile or login, choose Temecula Eagle Soar Park and choose a date. Sessions run thru July 28th, here are the codes:

If you’re looking for more special needs resources thru the city you can read about S.K.I.P a bit more. Learn how to get involved with that. 😉

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.